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Generally, after creating a connection, the next step would be to create a set of KPIs. While this is certainly possible, PerformancePoint Server can actually go immediately to the creation of a scorecard and create KPIs on the fly. This is similar to the change from Analysis Services 2000 to Analysis Services 2005; in AS2000, dimensions had to be created before a cube could be built, but AS2005 allows for the creation of a cube without first building the dimensions. Likewise, Business Scorecard Manager required that KPIs be created before building a scorecard, but PerformancePoint Server does not have this same restriction. Right-clicking on Scorecards in the Workspace Browser and choosing New Scorecard opens the Select a Scorecard Template dialog box. As with the dialog box that appears when you re creating a new data source, this dialog has two panes: Category and Template. The categories include ERP, Microsoft, Standard, and Tabular, and may grow to include other categories in the future. The list of templates included with PerformancePoint Server includes Analysis Services, Excel, SharePoint List, and more. Expect additional templates to be added by third-party vendors and as samples from Microsoft. This dialog box also has an option to use wizards to create scorecards. Certainly, using the wizards the first few times a
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Pointers for Successful Use of Frameworks
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18.5.1 Mobile service organization
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The const qualifier was introduced in 2, where it was used to create variables that could not be changed (by the program) after they were created. However, there is a second use of const that relates to pointers. The const qualifier can be used to prevent the object pointed to by an argument to a function from being modified by that function. That is, when a pointer is passed to a function, that function can modify the object pointed to by the pointer. However, if the pointer is specified as const in the parameter declaration, the function code won t be able to modify the object. For example, the sp_to_dash( ) function in the following program prints a dash for each space in its string argument. That is, the string "this is a test" will be printed as "this-is-a-test". The use of const in the parameter declaration ensures that the code inside the function cannot modify the object pointed to by the parameter.
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lexl Audience
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void unixtodos(long utime, struct date *d, struct time *t)
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Figure 5.4.5 All details of the structure can be incorporated into the Tekla model. Unlike other 3D design tools, the Tekla model is the detailing model. Beam penetrations can be incorporated into the design model and integrated with 3D MEP shop drawing models for coordination purposes. (Image courtesy of Gregory P Luth & Assoc., Inc.) .
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BioPassword Configuration utility
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VoIP and SS7
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Communications System Design
Fig. 6.2
Occasionally, a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 server with the Novell 4.9 sp1 client may display a NMASS error after locking the desktop s console. The following error may be displayed when unlocking the console: Error: NMAS.DLL could not initialize cryptographic services or cryptographic services are not available. (-1497). A work-around for this error is to disable the NMAS Authentication after the install or remove the NMAS Client using Add/Remove Programs.
New context Joins that make up the context
Continue to press the zoom button to activate digital zoom. Zoom in to the desired magnification. Compose and shoot the picture.
Primary rate switches. In the Bell system, 24 voice channels are encoded and timedivision multiplexed to form a 1.544 Mbps digital signal. This signal is the digital equivalent of two 12-channel groups used in an analog system and is sometimes referred to as a digroup. In the CEPT system, 30 voice channels are encoded and time-division multiplexed to form a 2.048 Mbps digital signal. These are the two primary rate multiplex standards.
dy 4 dV n dy And taking derivatives produces -= -y 2 - or -= -dV . dt 4 dt dt n y 2 dt
Changing Object Properties with the Wizard
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