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picture, it appears on the camera s LCD monitor. If you don t like what you see, delete it. The following sections describe how to capture images using the different types of digital cameras on the market. You ll also learn specific techniques to get the most from your digital camera in the latter parts of this chapter.
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In recent years I have committed myself to developing this life-altering program, which introduces a simple, yet powerful, easy-to-understand method of personal growth and self-development within the context of what I refer to as an emerging consciousness. Just look around you. Men and women in every corner of the world, and the organizations they work for, are living and practicing more conscious living and doing so with greater passion and commitment to their core values. Our awareness as a human race has risen dramatically. We know now that the collective soul of our humanity can and will ultimately affect us individually somewhere down the road. And with that realization comes greater responsibility for doing the right thing because it s the right thing to do and for being the best that we can be in this lifetime. Our quest to be all that we can be and to rise to a higher level of consciousness can be seen all around us. Collectively, companies large and small donate billions of dollars to a wide variety of humanitarian causes, both in the United States and abroad. Newman s Own, for example, donates every cent of profit from its popular food line to charity. Generous donors to a wide variety of world causes include companies like Ben & Jerry s, Amazon.com, Harpo Productions, Nissan North America, Target, Microsoft, Prudential, and others too numerous to list. In addition, ethics is being taught in top business school curricula, and environmental causes and concerns are at the head of many organizations lists of ways to make the world a better place for tomorrow s children. One such organization is the wellknown Swedish furniture company IKEA. With more than 150 stores in 29 coun-
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f = cout.flags(); showflags(f); cout.unsetf(ios::scientific); f = cout.flags(); showflags(f); return 0; } void showflags(long f) { long i; for(i=0x4000; i; i = i >> 1) if(i & f) cout << "1 "; else cout << "0 "; cout << "\n"; C++ }
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The state of the individual servers is monitored using metrics assigned to each server. These metrics contain thresholds defined by the administrator that are based on Microsoft Performance Monitor objects or Resource Manager application counters. As specific thresholds are crossed, green, yellow, or red alerts are sent from the member servers to their data collector. The data collector then forwards this information to the farm metric server. In addition to monitoring and alerting, the farm metric server reports whether or not any servers in the farm are offline. When a Failure Occurs User logons are not impacted in any way during a farm metric server failure and the administrator can still make configuration changes to the farm. When a farm metric server fails, the only thing affected is the real-time monitoring of Resource Manager metrics and server states. Alerts are no longer generated in the Resource Manager watcher window for metrics or applications counts. Server metrics can still be monitored, but no alerts appear in the watcher window and no notifications are sent through SMS, SNMP, and Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI). Selecting a Redundancy Solution As with the data collector, the farm metric server also has built-in redundancy. The Presentation Server Console enables the configuration of a primary and backup farm metric server. When the primary farm metric server fails, the backup takes over. The failover process takes a maximum of 60 seconds to start. As with the data collector, the failover time is dependent on the events taking place in a farm. The more active the server farm, the faster the failover occurs. In tests conducted at the Citrix eLabs on a 1,000-server farm, it took around 90 seconds for the watcher window to become fully populated after the primary farm metric server failed. Approximately 100 alerts appeared in the farm watcher window. When the backup farm metric server takes over as the primary, it remains in that role until the administrator manually changes the settings. For example, in a farm where the primary farm metric server is Server A and the backup is Server B, if Server A fails, Server B takes over as the primary farm metric server automatically. When the problem with Server A is resolved and that server is brought back online, Server A does not resume its old role as the primary farm metric server. Rather, Server A remains as the backup farm metric server. To promote Server A back to the primary role, it must be manually configured in the Presentation Server Console. Citrix best practices recommend placing the primary farm metric server on a data collector for maximum uptime. The backup farm metric server should be placed on the backup data collector.
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8: Inheritance
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Final Exam
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Figure 3-11 Controlling the depth of field in the photo on the right draws attention to the flower instead of the background, as in the shot on the left.
These control panels fit inconspicuously onto your wall. This is nice because it gets your controls out of the way. All it takes to control your X10 devices and events is to go to the panel and press a few buttons. There are a number of brands and models of X10 control panels, each offering varying degrees of functionality. Some use small buttons to control your devices and events; others are pretty slick and employ touch screens, which allow you to tailor the menus to your specific needs. An example of a wall-mounted control panel is shown in Figure 16-6.
All functions, except those of type void, return a value. This value is specified by the return statement. In C89, if a non-void function executes a return statement that does not include a value, then a garbage value is returned. In C++ (and C99), a non-void function must use a return statement that returns a value. As long as a function is not declared as void, you can use it as an operand in an expression. Therefore, each of the following expressions is valid:
chose to reduce both the line rate and the field rate by the fraction 1001/1000, effectively dropping those rates to about 15.734 kHz and 59.94 Hz, respectively. Thus the 59.94 rate was born!5 Unfortunately the field rate of 60 divided by 1.001, rounded to 59.94 for convenience, means that 60 fields consumes slightly more than one second, so 30 frames no longer agrees with one second of clock time. As a side note, this precipitated the invention of dropframe timecode that, ostensibly, alleviated this disparity. Regrettably, the shortsighted, although pragmatic, FCC decision helped to bring about the frame and video rate complexity that exists today. This is further amplified by the continuing convergence of video and computer technologies and terminologies, let alone the emergence of high definition standards and formats. As noted in the Introduction, a billion might mean something other than a thousand million.
Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833, 851 (1992). Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 505 U.S. at 851. Doe v. Attorney General, 941 F.2d 780, 795 (9th Cir. 1991) (quoting Whalen, 429 U.S. 599-600). As the Supreme Court has not yet ruled definitively on the issue, there is not a unified view in the federal judiciary as to whether there is a constitutionally protected right to informational privacy. The majority of circuits considering this issue (the Second, Third, Fifth, and Ninth Circuits) find that there is. See, e.g., Doe v. City of New York, 15 F.3d 264, 267 (2d Cir. 1994) (concluding there is a recognized constitutional right to privacy in personal information ); Fadjo v. Coon, 633 F.2d 1172, 1175-76 (5th Cir. 1981); United States v. Westinghouse, 638 F.2d 570, 577 (3d Cir. 1980), and Roe v. Sherry, 91 F.3d 1270, 1274 (9th Cir. 1996); Doe v. Attorney General, 941 F.2d 795-96. A minority conclude there is not. See J.P. v. DeSanti, 653 F.2d 1080, 1090 (6th Cir. 1981). Alan F. Westin, Privacy and Freedom, 337 (Atheneum 1967) (citing Scott, W. and M. Jarnagin, Treatise Upon the Law of Telegraphs, Appendix, 457-507 (Little, Brown & Co. 1868)).
The Events view
Now that CTI has begun its movement within the industry, it is much more feasible to restructure and reaffirm the relationship between the two parties. Customers expect to be treated as individuals who are special for the size and volume of the business that they do. Competition in any segment of industry is fierce. Therefore, if the necessary care and treatment is not provided, customer loyalty shifts dramatically. Changing market demands due to the rightsizing, downsizing, and capsizing in external organizations places more demand on your organization to meet the customer s needs. In planning our technological innovations, we must therefore look to how we can better satisfy the customer s needs by the following tasks:
Standardised Services
// Run the task. tsk.Start(); // Keep Main() alive until MyTask() finishes. for(int i = 0; i < 60; i++) { Console.Write("."); Thread.Sleep(100); } Console.WriteLine("Main thread ending."); } }
As you have seen, objects are dynamically allocated from a pool of free memory by using the new operator. Of course, memory is not infinite, and the free memory can be exhausted. Thus, it is possible for new to fail because there is insufficient free memory to create the desired object. For this reason, one of the key components of any dynamic allocation scheme is the recovery of free memory from unused objects, making that memory available for subsequent reallocation. In many programming languages, the release of previously allocated memory is handled manually. For example, in C++, the delete operator is used to free memory that was allocated. However, C# uses a different, more trouble-free approach: garbage collection. C# s garbage collection system reclaims objects automatically occurring transparently, behind the scenes, without any programmer intervention. It works like this: When no references to an object exist, that object is assumed to be no longer needed, and the memory occupied by the object is eventually released and collected. This recycled memory can then be used for a subsequent allocation. Garbage collection occurs only sporadically during the execution of your program. It will not occur simply because one or more objects exist that are no longer used. Thus, you can t know, or make assumptions about, precisely when garbage collection will take place.
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