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Including Registry Settings
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impact on joins, contexts, and many-to-many relationships. If your database supports newer analytic and report functions (see the section Ratio to Report later in this chapter), these functions will give you much better response time than using derived tables. This example uses the Island Resorts Marketing universe. Earlier, in the section Condition Objects, you created a condition Top Customers. A valid business question may be How much of my business do the Top Customers account for To answer this, you need to get the total sales for all customers as well as the total sales for only the top customers and combine them in one query. Within the Island Resorts Marketing universe, the object Revenue is calculated from the Invoice_Lines table. To create an object Top Customer Revenue, you create a derived table: 1. From within the structure pane, right-click and select Derived Tables from the popup menu or select Insert | Derived Tables from the pull-down menu. 2. Within the Derived Tables box, replace the generic `Derived Table` name with a meaningful table name such as Top Customers.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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=RunningSum([Revenue]; [Country]) is reset over the [Country] break
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mode at the default of Normal.
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FIGURE 19-9 Server-based ranking is performed in the query.
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Part I:
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inv_type *inv_pointer;
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Anyone familiar with RF and microwave knows the importance of matching at interfaces so that the performance of cascaded networks equals the sum of the parts. The same is true in digital communications. If instrument parameters do not match
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frame, so the other columns and gutters will be resized to accommodate the change. A preview of the column settings is shown in the preview frame on the right side of the dialog. Text in columns (even if only one column is used) can be justified via the Text Bar and the Paragraph Formatting dialog box. You can have more control over columns by laying them out as multiple text frames, each one containing a single column.
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The prototype for the strerror( ) function is found in <string.h>. The strerror( ) function returns a pointer to the error message associated with an error number.
ATM Testing ATM Testing: Deployment of ATM-Based Services 255
Microsoft touts the familiarity of the Windows platform as one of the benefits of Hyper-V. For example, HotSchedules Pawlikowski looked at a number of other virtualization technologies, but his company has strong ties with Dell, which made a compelling case for Microsoft s early-adopter program. Not only is Hyper-V faster, it s also faster to get up to speed with, Pawlikowski said. It s integrated with our existing platform and with the familiar roles in Windows Server 2008, so our knowledge base didn t have to change too much and I didn t have to retool our IT staff to move forward with virtualization.
The C# Language
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