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The outcome of the relational and logical operators is a bool value. In general, objects can be compared for equality or inequality using == and !=. However, the comparison operators, <, >, <=, or >=, can be applied only to those types that support an ordering relationship. Therefore, all of the relational operators can be applied to all numeric types. However, values of type bool can only be compared for equality or inequality, since the true and false values are not ordered. For example, true > false has no meaning in C#.
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Figure 1-1: CSS rule structure The selector is the part that determines which portions of the document will be matched by the rule. The rule s styles will be applied to the selected element(s). For example, a selector of pre means that all pre elements will be selected. Multiple selectors can be grouped in a single rule by separating them with commas. See 2 for details about the various selectors which may be used. The declaration block is bounded by (and includes) a pair of curly braces. The selector is always to the left of the declaration block (that is, it comes before the block). Whitespace within a declaration block is ignored, so any amount of whitespace may be used by authors to make their styles more readable.
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4. Choose View | Large Icon from the flyout menu to view Graphic Styles properties
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Organizations cannot succeed in the long run unless their employees leaders and individual contributors alike are highly talented, engaged, and committed to their own personal and professional development. Organizations are growing and changing at an unprecedented rate, and employees at all levels in the organization must keep up with this pace or be left behind. This chapter shows developers how to take their coaching to a deeper level, providing them with three transformative coaching activities to use with learners and a compelling development plan. Seeking and Avoiding is a transformative activity that addresses the core motivational drives of each style. When learners constantly seek or avoid something, it defines and limits them, controls their behavior, and impedes their growth. The Power of Words is a simple and elegant transformative activity that allows the learner to embody the qualities he or she most truly desires. Hold It in a Bigger Space is an unusual physical transformative activity that works in magical ways for many people. Extreme Growth: The Development Journey provides a holistic and integrative transformative development process that can be used repeatedly. While the three activities and the development planning process can be used in short-term, crisis, and long-term coaching, the second and third activities The Power of Words and Hold It in a Bigger Space are ideally suited to provide hope and relief to learners engaged in crisis coaching.
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There is much ongoing debate in the data and optical networking communities about the next Ethernet rate 40 Gbps or 100 Gbps. (The TDM hierarchy already specifies 40 Gbps OC-768/STM-256 as the next increment.) Such extreme demands are being motivated by projections for massive data-center aggregation needs, i.e., large numbers of 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. While some support maintaining Ethernet s traditional 10x scaling factor, others are contemplating a break from tradition in light of technological and cost factors. There have been some impressive achievements in 40 Gbps OC-768/STM-256 transport with vendors demonstrating ultra-long haul reach and many tens of channels per fiber. In fact, some OC-768/STM-256 products are even coming to market (e.g., DWDM transport and router interfaces), and various carriers are planning 40 Gbps backbones. Nevertheless, others are actively studying long-haul 100 Gbps transmission via either serial or parallel interfaces [15]. Expectedly, serial transmission is much more challenging as it poses extreme constraints on associated serializer/deserializer devices, optical modulators, detectors, and so on. Moreover, related SMF dispersion effects will mandate extensive compensation at much closer distances (10 20 km). Alternatively, parallel transmission ameliorates electronic barriers by streaming multiple data paths over separate DWDM wavelengths, for example, 10 10 Gbps or 4 25 Gbps. As DWDM transceiver costs decline and PIC component integration becomes more commonplace, this approach opens up the very real possibility of Ethernet scaling to unprecedented terabit rates. These issues will be closely studied in the relevant standards bodies in the coming decade.
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Step function
specific things that we can measure. For example, the statistical averages can be used to calculate and predict thermodynamic quantities such as temperature, pressure, and amount of energy released or absorbed. In this way, even though it is impossible to directly measure what each and every molecule is doing, statistical mechanics allows us to interpret the things we can measure in terms of what specific molecules are doing. The interpretation is not direct knowledge, but we can design experiments so that the results either support or disprove our interpretation of what the molecules are doing. This is an important point in biophysics and in science in general. Obviously we want experiments to agree with our ideas of how the physical universe behaves. But it s even more important to design experiments that attempt to prove that our model is wrong! If we design an experiment to disprove our model and it fails to do so, this is a stronger support of the model than an experiment designed to agree with the model. Good experimental design allows us to consider a model correct in the sense that the model accurately predicts the results of future experiments and can be used as a tool to manipulate living things and biomolecules as we choose.
Figure 4.2 Light generated by an LED is incoherent and spewed in all directions.
Storing data on a cloud provider s storage infrastructure. Data you generate is housed off-site with a third party.
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