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increases the contrast of edges in your image and makes the images look notably sharper.
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Comparison of Omni Security Systems
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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Disulfide Bonds
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Take whatever time you need to respond to the following questions. Then assess yourself at the end of this exercise.
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Step 1 requires you to identify the business problems to be solved and is beyond the scope of this book except for casual mention. Steps 2-5 are discussed in some detail in 3, which addresses the overall process of building a data warehouse (or data mart or cube; the terms are clearly defined there.) Step 6 is what is covered in the rest of the book, including the PerformancePoint Server product and its capabilities. Figure 1-1 shows these various steps in an overall business intelligence process. It should now be obvious that business intelligence covers more than just building a data warehouse; indeed, it includes one or more ways to access and analyze data that deliver value across the business. While the process of building a data warehouse is critical to the success of the project, it is a subject best handled by books dedicated to the tools used for data warehouse creation: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Books such as Hands-On SQL Server 2005 Integration Services and Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 cover these topics in great detail. This book, on the other hand, focuses on the tools that allow companies to use the warehouse and to achieve the benefits of being able to monitor the health of the organization, perform complex analysis of their data, and plan for the future using the strength of the warehouse. In order to better understand these pieces, however, it is important to understand the various roles played by the users of the system.
and full backward and forward compatibility. As important enabling technologies for worldwide deployment of residential and commercial broadband data services, they have been standardized both in the U.S. and internationally.
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process. Typically, if an acknowledgment process is necessary, the transport layer (UDP) won t provide it; instead, the application itself, at the application layer, will provide this verification. Given these deficiencies, UDP does have an advantage over TCP: it has less overhead. For example, if you need to send only one segment and receive one segment in reply, and that s the end of the transmission, it makes no sense to go through a three-way handshake to establish a connection and then send and receive the two segments; this is not efficient. DNS queries are a good example in which the use of UDP makes sense. Voice and video are two other applications that commonly use UDP; assuming that the network path to the destination is fairly reliable and not many packets are dropped, the listener in a phone conversation or the viewer in a video application probably won t notice that every now and then a packet is lost. Of course, if you are sending a large amount of data to a destination, and you need to verify that all of it was received, TCP would be a better transport mechanism. When transmitting a UDP segment, an IP header will show 17 as the protocol number in the protocol field. Table 9-2 shows the components of a UDP segment. Notice the UDP is more ef cient many differences between UDP and TCP than TCP because it has less overhead. segments. First, since UDP is connectionless, sequence and acknowledgment numbers are not necessary. Second, since there is no flow control, a window size field is not needed. As you can see, UDP is a lot simpler and more efficient than TCP. Its only reliability component, like TCP, is a checksum field, which allows UDP, at the destination, to detect a bad UDP segment and then drop it. Any control functions or other reliability functions that need to be implemented for the session are not accomplished at the transport layer; instead, these are handled at the application layer.
Desktop Intelligence allows power users to author reports on the desktop, whereas Web Intelligence provides a Web-based authoring environment. Both types of reports can be accessed via InfoView. However, only Web Intelligence allows users Web-based drill, analysis, and report formatting. Desktop Intelligence has certain capabilities such as additional data provider types, disconnected analysis, templates, and custom hierarchies that are not available in Web Intelligence. Before developing a report, consider the intended target audience and their requirements.
Publishing in Domains with Thousands of Objects
Capability of leaving video or audio messages for family members.
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