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Research and development into low-cost methods of recycling materials
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Network monitoring and analysis
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Trunk and Extremities
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10.3.2 SDH/SONET interfaces
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Part I:
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4: IT Life-Cycle Management
times over. Put another way, EBIT has to shrink more than twothirds before it defaults, or cannot pay its interest payments. Lending banks want to see a high ratio because it means there is less likelihood that a loan to the company will become a nonperforming loan. EBITDA/Cash Interest Expense EBITDA/cash interest expense is TIE on a cash basis. EBITDA is the cash earnings that a company has. The denominator uses the interest expense that is cash, as there are forms of debt where the interest is not paid out in cash but instead added to the outstanding debt. This kind of debt is called accreting debt. It is also called payment-in-kind (or PIK, pronounced Pick ) debt. Thus, the denominator is total interest (which may have both cash and noncash interest) less noncash interest. This ratio gives an extra measure of insight for coverage analysis, because EBITDA is a more accurate measure of the cash earnings a company has for paying its interest costs. (EBITDA Capital Expenditures)/Cash Interest Expense (EBITDA capital expenditures)/cash interest expense is a coverage measure of the ability to repay cash interest based on cash earnings after what usually is a required expense: capital expenditures. Capital expenditures do not appear in the income statement by accounting convention. By subtracting these expenditures from EBITDA, the ratio shows the company s ability to pay its cash interest expense. It may be that a company can reduce or defer its capital expenditures in order to pay its interest. But if it does so, it is likely to suffer diminished productivity in the long run (as its fixed assets age and fall into increasing disrepair) and, thus, interest-paying ability. Fixed Charge Coverage (EBIT rent expense)/(interest expense preferred dividends rent expense). This ratio is more important in analyzing retail companies.
1.4.2 Transmission line types
Figure 5-8
Console.WriteLine("Whole number part: {0}" , (int) Math.Sqrt(n)); Console.WriteLine("Fractional part: {0}", Math.Sqrt(n) - (int) Math.Sqrt(n) ); Console.WriteLine(); } } }
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Introduction This chapter provides a brief description of each of several common LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network) technologies, comparing and contrasting inherent performance characteristics, and presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each from a performance point of view. The following network technologies are covered in this section:
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