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Notice that a second constructor has been added to the three_d class. Because allocated arrays cannot be initialized, a constructor that does not have any parameters is needed. If you don t supply this constructor, a compile-time message will be displayed.
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Duplicate your work into the Concert poster.cdr window.
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Variables of the type Shape are not shapes in themselves; they are a reference to a shape. It s more or less like a shortcut in Windows to the CorelDRW.exe file: you can have many shortcuts (references) to the same EXE file, but they are all forward links. The CorelDRW.exe file knows nothing of the shortcuts until one of them passes a command along the reference. Shape variables act the same: the shape to which s1 later refers is not bound to s1; s1 is only a forward reference to that shape.
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first assigns count the value 19, assigns incr the value 10, then adds 1 to count, and finally, assigns var the value of the rightmost expression, count+1, which is 20. The
class PosNeg { static void Main() { int i; for(i=-5; i <= 5; i++) { Console.Write("Testing " + i + ": "); if(i < 0) Console.WriteLine("negative"); else Console.WriteLine("positive"); } } }
You can easily set up and manage IPSec site-to-site (LAN-to-LAN or L2L) connections on your appliance when using ASDM. For the initial setup, ASDM supports a wizard for L2L connections. Once you ve used the wizard, changing the L2L policies is easy with ASDM configuration screens. The following two sections will introduce you to these topics. IPSec Wizard for L2L Connections To access the IPSec wizard to set up the L2L connection, go to Wizards | IPSec VPN Wizard, shown previously in Figure 27-15. In the initial popup window, you can either create an IPSec L2L connection, or set up the Easy VPN Server feature. Choose the Site-to-Site radio button for the former. You also need to choose the interface the IPSec sessions will be terminated on. Optionally selecting the check box at the bottom will configure the sysopt connection permit-vpn command, which allows decrypted VPN traffic to be exempted from ACL checks when going from a lower- to higher-level interface. Here are the screens you ll go through when using the wizard to set up your L2L connection: Screen 1: Choose the type of IPSec VPN: Site-to-Site or Remote Access (Easy VPN Server). Screen 2: Enter the public IP address of the remote peer, the pre-shared key or certificate to use for device authentication, and optionally change the tunnel group name (defaults to the IP address of the peer). Screen 3: Create a phase 1 policy (the default is 3DES, SHA, and DH group 2). Screen 4: Create a transform set for phase 2 (the default is 3DES and SHA). Screen 5: Specify the traffic to protect between the two networks; in the wizard, you can create network object groups that will be used in your crypto ACLs ASDM will create. By default ASDM will set up an address translation exemption policy (nat 0) of the internal addresses between the two locations. Screen 6: Accept your configuration by clicking the Finish button.
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The impedance-matching volume control connects to a four-wire cable and two two-wire cables.
You can do something today that EV converters of a decade ago could only dream about pick up the telephone and order yourself a brand-new DC motor controller from any one of a number of sources. You can have it in your hands a few days later, mount it, hook up your EV s electrical wiring and throttle control to it, and be up and running with virtually a 99 percent chance of everything working the first time. Like series DC motors, today s DC controllers are readily available from many sources, they work great, most of them are of the PWM variety, they are easily installed in different vehicles, and the price is right. A modern, off-the-shelf PWM DC motor controller is not the ultimate, but it s pretty close to the best current solution. More important, it s one that most EV converters will have no trouble in implementing today. After you do your first conversion, become the acknowledged genius in your neighborhood; once you know what you really like and don t like, you can get fancy and exotic. The DC PWM controller recommended here is from Curtis PMC, a division of Curtis Instruments, Inc. of Mt. Kisco, New York. As with the motors, don t read anything into its appearance here. Curtis is only one of a large number of controller manufacturers from the list in 12, and the recommended controller model is only one out of a number they manufacture. The Curtis PMC model 1221B-7401 DC motor controller, shown in Figure 7-3, is already very familiar to you. Its features include: PWM-type controller MOSFET-based technology Runs at a constant switching frequency of 15 kHz Requires use of an external 5-kilohm throttle potentiometer Automatic motor current limiting Thermal cutback at 75 through 95 degrees C High pedal lockout (prevents accidental startup at full throttle) Intermittent-duty plug braking Overvoltage and undervoltage protection User-accessible adjustments for motor current limit, plug braking current limit, and acceleration Comes in a waterproof heat sink case
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Rotation/Tile Size handle
Figure 6-3
costly while the company is performing below objective. This is not an uncommon situation. Before concluding that the sales compensation plan is overpaying, you might want to look at the cost of sales. A high cost of sales might be a result of overstaffing and not overpayment to individuals. If actual payouts are too high, then examine the quota system first. Perhaps quotas are too easy. 2. Product management wants greater product focus from the sales force. Product managers want to put extra incentives in the sales compensation plan to promote specific products. Product focus is a legitimate measure for sales compensation purposes; however, prior to making changes, product managers have to make good on their own responsibilities, including rationalizing the product offering, segmenting customers, and providing sales messages for unique buyer populations. 3. Salespeople complain sales quotas are too difficult. Sales quotas should be difficult. That s their purpose to stretch performance. Sales compensation is not an appeasement program. 4. Salespeople seem to ignore components of the sales compensation plan. This is often the result of a poor sales compensation design, not a motivation issue. A poor design is frequently a reflection of strategy and alignment confusion by senior management. Too many measures, inappropriate measures, or unrealistic objectives will cause sales personnel to ignore one or more components of an incentive plan. Solution: new job definition and a new sales compensation design. 5. The company spends too much money administering the pay program. Using low-power tools such as desktop software will cause an increase in headcount for program administration. This may not be the fault of the incentive program, but may be a problem of failing to provide proper information technology (IT) administrative support to the program. Sales compensation is noisy. Sometimes the design is at fault, and sometimes it s an issue of alignment. It can even be just a by-product of an effective program. As a sales compensation designer, this book will help you sort out what problems are real and what are not, where the solution resides, and how to make the right changes.
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