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YOU TRY IT Evaluate the limit limx 0+ ( 1/x) x . YOU TRY IT Evaluate the limit limx 0+ ( 1 + x) 1/x . In fact this limit gives an
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he biggest change with XI Release 2 is its new architecture, although it, in some respects, is not entirely new: the XI architecture is largely based on Crystal Enterprise s architecture. Understanding high-level aspects of the new architecture will help you adapt your support organization and better plan your migration. Business Objects provides you with utilities that will help you migrate to this new platform. This chapter provides an introduction to the new architecture, migration approaches and tasks, and the migration utilities. It is not meant to be a comprehensive guide. System engineers who must configure and optimize server processes should refer to the vendor documentation for more in-depth information. Project managers and BI experts who must plan the migration should check discussion forums, consulting partners, and vendor white papers for more up-to-date and detailed migration strategies. Also note that this book has been written using the BusinessObjects Enterprise server on a Windows Advanced Server operating system; migration tasks may be different when using other operating systems such as Unix and Linux.
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balance is: 3200 Indirection is the process of using a pointer to access some object.
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If you have empty connectors on your splitter (for instance, you buy a 4-way splitter, but only use three of the terminals), use a 75-ohm terminator on the unused signal output. Frequently, unterminated outputs cause a herringbone pattern to appear on some channels of the other television sets attached to it. These terminators cost US$6.99 for a 20 pack and screw on to coaxial outlets.
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If possible, plan your visit to the zoo on a weekday to minimize the amount of spectators you ll have to work around, especially if you re visiting a famous zoo, like the San Diego Zoo. Choose a vantage point with a natural background. If possible, shoot from a high vantage point. This will enable you to shoot over fences. If you re forced to photograph through a chain-link fence, zoom in or use a telephoto lens. Switch to aperture priority mode, and choose a large aperture (low f-stop number), which will throw the chain-link fence out of focus and make it less apparent. When shooting through a fence, you ll also have to manually focus on the animal. Otherwise, the camera will focus on the fencing, as it is the nearest thing to the camera. Zoom in on the animal. Compose and shoot the picture.
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Table 10.2 Power Consumption of a Typical versus an Energy-Ef cient Liveaboard Boat
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// Create a IMyCoVarGenIF reference to a MyClass<Alpha> object. // This is legal with or without covariance. IMyCoVarGenIF<Alpha> AlphaRef = new MyClass<Alpha>(new Alpha("Alpha #1")); Console.WriteLine("Name of object referred to by AlphaRef is " + AlphaRef.GetObject().GetName()); // Now create a MyClass<Beta> object and assign it to AlphaRef. // *** This line is legal because of covariance. *** AlphaRef = new MyClass<Beta>(new Beta("Beta #1")); Console.WriteLine("Name of object referred to by AlphaRef is now " + AlphaRef.GetObject().GetName());
a network design include cost, security, speed, topology, scalability, reliability, and availability. Components common to a network include cabling, computers, switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points, and others. Networks come in all shapes and sizes: central office, branch office, SOHO, and mobile users. Network topologies describe how network components are physically cabled and logically how network components communicate with each other. Topology types include point-to-point, star, bus, and ring. Meshing describes how components are interconnected. In a fully meshed topology, every component has direct communication with every other component. In a partially meshed topology, not every component has direct communication with every other component: a component might need to communicate with an intermediate component to get information to the actual destination. Network security should be a part of every network design and implementation. To implement a secure defense, an administrator needs to consider all adversaries, their motivations, and the classes of attack: passive, active, distributed, close-in, and insider. Common threats to networks include physical installations (hardware, electrical, environmental, and maintenance), reconnaissance attacks, access attacks, and DoS attacks. Appropriate techniques should be deployed to mitigate these threats.
One last point: For both positional and named parameters, the type of an attribute parameter must be either one of the built-in primitive types, object, Type, an enumeration, or a one-dimensional array of one of these types.
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This was favorite ammunition of Blu-ray bashers during the format war, based on the fact that disc manufacturing lines required all-new Blu-ray equipment, whereas only an upgrade to existing DVD equipment was necessary to handle HD DVD manufacturing. But, it never held much water. Some people claimed that dual-layer Blu-ray disc production was so complicated and prone to low yields that it would never be commercially feasible. Blu-ray disc manufacturing is indeed trickier than DVD production but, within a year of launch, most major titles were released on dual-layer discs. The cost issue is also overblown. Shortly after launch, Blu-ray Disc manufacturing costs were only a dollar or two more than DVD (and less than a dollar more than HD DVD), and the retail price difference more than made up for this. Had HD DVD survived longer, the price difference would have steadily narrowed until it was negligible. A price difference of, say, 50 cents, can be made to look like a mountain or a molehill for a top-ten motion picture that sells ten million discs it is an extra $5 million, which is nothing to sneeze at, but it is less than three percent of the sales from the disc.3 Regardless of the relative increase in Blu-ray manufacturing costs compared to DVD or HD DVD, it can be worked into the pricing model so that it makes no difference to studio revenue and does not break the bank for consumers.
Primary Video MPEG-2 Secondary Video MPEG-4 AVC SMPTE VC-1
Panasonic, 4-line, 2.4-GHz telephone system (Photo courtesy Smarthome.com)
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