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Integrating UPC-A Supplement 2 in Software Introduction

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The third link on the left pane of the Planning Administration Console page is called Model Sites. This link opens the Model Sites management page. This page has a drop-down list of all the Applications. Once an application is selected from the drop-down box, all the model sites belonging to the application are listed in the table. The first one in the list is the Root Model site and then the model subsites are listed as belonging to the Root Model site. You might remember that when we created the Budget application in our previous step, we entered the name Budget for our Root site as well. Figure 7-4 shows the Budget model site within the Budget Application in the Model Sites Management page. The model site properties can be modified by first clicking inside the radio button for the model site that needs to be modified and then clicking the Edit button. The model site properties like the name, description, SQL FileGroup and Analysis Services computer name can be edited and modified from the Edit a Model Site dialog box, as shown in Figure 7-5. All the information except the SQL FileGroup was provided in the previous application creation step. In our example, the SQL FileGroup value is set to Primary.
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CONCAT(@Select(Hr Employees\First Name),@Select(Hr Employees\Last Name))
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Use with Section 24.1
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Application Layer Presentation Layer Services Adaptation ATM Convergence Physical ATM Protocol Stack Session Layer Transport Layer Network Layer Data Link Layer Physical Layer OSI Reference Model
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Program Control Statements
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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An Interesting Benefit from Implicit Constructor Conversion
TABLE 5.3 Permissible Fast Ethernet Cabling Distances
FIGURE 1-3 Three components make up a cloud computing solution.
eutralization is a chemical reaction between an acid and a base that produces a salt and water. acid base 0 salt water
Digital Photography QuickSteps PC QuickSteps
Enclosing all character constants in single quotes works for most printing characters, but a few, such as the carriage return, are impossible to enter from the keyboard. For this reason, C supplies the special backslash character constants, shown in Table 2-5. These are also referred to as escape sequences. You use a backslash code exactly the same way you would any other character. For example,
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