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The rapid growth of e-commerce, as well as the desire to increase productivity and efficiency by moving to paperless environments, led many states to enact statutes and regulations governing electronic transactions. One approach, followed by almost one-third of the states, is to define electronic signatures in such a way that the definition itself would embody all the attributes of a valid, enforceable signature. Although the precise wording may differ in various state statutes, those states following this approach require that, to be legally enforceable, an electronic signature must be:
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A service control point (SCP) is a network entity that contains additional logic and that can be used to offer advanced services. To use the service logic of the SCP, a switch needs to contain functionality that will enable it to act upon instructions from the SCP. In such a case, the switch is known as a service switching point (SSP). If a particular service needs to be invoked, the SSP sends a message to the SCP asking for instructions. The SCP, based upon data and service logic that is available, will tell the SSP which actions need to be taken. A good example of such a service is a call to a toll-free 800 number. When a subscriber dials such a number, the SSP knows that it needs to query the SCP for instructions (which it does). The SCP contains translation information between the dialed 800 number and the real number to which the call should be sent. The SCP responds to the SSP with a routable number, which the SSP uses to route the call to the correct destination. Note that the signaling between the SSP and the SCP is connectionless signaling. Hence, this signaling uses the services of SCCP. In fact, this type of application uses the services of TCAP, which in turn uses the services of SCCP.
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Related Properties
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Real-World Chemistry
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Figure 2.17 The MEF specifications enabling Carrier Ethernet
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Ethernet permits simultaneous transmission and reception, permitting a theoretical total of 2 Gbits/s of bandwidth on the same connection. Full-duplex is restricted to a point-to-point networking environment, usually linking hubs together or a hub port to a server. The term theoretical is used as a prefix to full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet providing a total of 2 Gbits/s of bandwidth on a connection because of the manner of operation of different devices. For example, if you connect a server to a hub port, the ability to transmit and receive at the same time depends on the activity of workstations accessing the server and the server s response to the queries. Thus, although a maximum data transfer of 2 Gbits/s is possible, it is highly probable that the actual data transfer rate will be considerably below the theoretical data transfer rate. In a half-duplex operating environment, Gigabit Ethernet uses the CSMA/CD protocol, similar to Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. However to , maintain a 200-m collision diameter for half-duplex operations, the minimum CSMA/CD carrier time and Ethernet slot time were extended from 64 to 512 bytes. The extension occurs through the use of carrier extension symbols as shown in Figure 5.13. In examining this figure, note that the minimum Gigabit Ethernet frame length is still 64 bytes, which maintains interoperability with Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. Because the Ethernet slot time is extended from 64 to 512 bytes, halfduplex Gigabit is ill-suited for transmitting queries, which typically are
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Filter Design
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Figure 5-11. Sales Rep: 2A. Ramped Commission Progressive
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Corporate Office
image formats, choose from one of seven preset compression types. Using GIF, you may choose from one of a dozen palette types varied by color depth and dithering properties. Using PNG, choose from one of 14 palette types also varied by color depth and dithering properties. Because all objects you draw in CorelDRAW are vector in their makeup, while most web graphics are in bitmap format, there is no real perfect file format to optimize file size and maintain palette color depth while preserving image quality levels for all the object types you can create in CorelDRAW X4. However, two key options provide you with a way of setting export conditions for most object types:
replaced with a Polygon object. You can replace objects, change the fill, do just about anything you like because this editing state is not a normal page view in CorelDRAW s drawing window. Some tricky stuff is going on behind the scenes, and if you choose to delete a shape and replace it now, you haven t really deleted it. Replacement objects You remove an object from a state s view, in this case from the Over state, but in the Normal state all your original objects are still there. Similarly, delete the $ and then with the Text Tool type SOLD in an interesting font.
Build Your Own Elec tric Car
Remember the bulleted items listing the advantages that routers provide over switches, especially that
To navigate to a specific page in your document quickly and simultaneously close the Page Sorter view, double-click any page s thumbnail.
considering only 100 of them are in this pop-up box. If at any time you ve gotten too deep in this 3D rotation stuff, clicking the undo curved arrow icon on the lower left of the selector, shown here, resets all rotation values to zero.
Third, Use Coaching Techniques That Challenge Growth As you read the following four coaching techniques, it can be helpful to think about several Sevens you know and how you might use the techniques with those individuals. Although all Sevens have striking similarities, they are also
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