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easily. After selecting this, enter the items that will appear in the list in the Source: edit box. Enter them each as a text string separated by commas. A check box option automatically appears on the user form marked in-cell dropdown. If this is checked, then the items you selected will appear as a drop-down list when the cursor is on this cell. If not, no drop-down list appears. The primary Data Validation settings have now been set. The next two steps are optional, but they add a nice level of control for what happens before and after you enter the data. 1. Select the Input Message tab. If the check box for Show input message when cell is selected is checked, then Data Validation can function as another form of cell comments. On this tab, you can enter the message or information that will appear when you put the cursor on this cell. You may want to have this function by itself, in lieu of cell comments, without the data filtering that we set on the Settings tab. In that case, simply leave the Allow: entry on that tab to read Any value. 2. Select the Error Alert tab. If this is undefined, Excel will show a default error message after the invalid message is entered. But you can define the message yourself by entering it here. This tab also has the setting for what to do if invalid data are entered. Under the Style: list box, you can choose to have the sequence stopped, or only have a warning or information icon show up. The first one will not allow invalid data to be extended and is the default, but in some cases where you only need to remind the user that the data may not be right but you still want the model to accept them, then either of the latter two would be appropriate.
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1. Disconnect shore power. 2. Turn off all electrical equipment, including lights, refrigeration, receivers and transmitters, inverter, generator, and engine. 3. Turn on the loran and let it settle. 4. Call up the SNR display (see your owner s manual). If any of the SNRs (at least one master and three slave stations per master should be available anywhere in the United States for display) is greater than 50, proceed to the next step. If all of the SNRs are less than 50, select another loran chain having greater SNRs. 5. Note on a pad of paper the SNR values of one of the stations for a few minutes, then average the values to obtain the clean-boat reference SNR. 6. Start the engine and bring it up to its normal cruising rpm. Compare the SNR now displayed with the engine running to the previous averaged clean-boat reference SNR. If the SNR has dropped by more than 20% (from 50 down to 40, for example), your engine alternator or generator is a source of noise. 7. Repeat Step 6 for each additional piece of equipment, one at a time; i.e., turn off the previous piece of equipment before testing the next item. Any item that causes a greater than 20% drop in SNR is a source of noise that needs to be corrected. Between each of the tests recheck the reference SNR, with all equipment off, to make sure it hasn t changed.
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RIC-155 RIC-155GE RIC-622GE
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only a few places you can drive 75 miles without seeing an electric outlet in the contiguous United States. Europe and Japan have no such places. Plug-in-anywhere recharging capability is an overwhelming electric vehicle advantage. No question it s an advantage when your electric vehicle is parked in your home s garage, carport, or driveway. If you live in an apartment and can work out a charging arrangement, it s an even better idea: a very simple device can be rigged to signal you if anyone ever tries to steal your car. How much more convenient could electric vehicles be There are very few places you can drive in the civilized world where you can t recharge in a pinch, and your only other concern is to add water once in a while. Electricity exists virtually everywhere; you just have to figure out how to tap into it. If your electric vehicle has an onboard charger, extension cord, and plug(s) available, it s no more difficult than going to your neighbor s house to borrow a cup of sugar. Except, of course, you probably want to leave a cash tip in this case. While there are no electrical outlets specifically designated for recharging electric vehicles conveniently located everywhere today, and though it s unquestionably easier and faster to recharge your electric vehicle from a 110-volt or 220-volt kiosk, the widely available 120-volt electric supply does the job quite nicely. When more infrastructure exists in the future, it will be even more convenient to charge your batteries. In the future, you will be able to recharge quicker from multiple voltage and current options, have quick charge capability by dumping one battery stack into another, and maybe even have uniform battery packs that you swap and strap on at a local battery station in no more time than it takes you to get a fill-up at a gas station today. Just as it s used in your home today, electricity is clean, quiet, safe, and stays at the outlet until you need it.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Programmer Specialization, Subcontracted Services, Publisher Conservatism, Inbreeding, 236 234
Modify a Dimension
Part III:
ASA Product Family
CHAPTER 6 Transcendental Functions
32.3.3 Security
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