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The for loop successively tests each bit in val, using the bitwise AND, to determine if it is on or off. If the bit is on, the digit 1 is displayed; otherwise, 0 is displayed. The bitwise OR can be used to turn bits on. Any bit that is set to 1 in either operand will cause the corresponding bit in the variable to be set to 1. For example 1101 0011 | 1010 1010 -------------------1111 1011 You can make use of the OR to change the make-even program shown earlier into a make-odd program, as shown here:
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C++ from the Ground Up
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This command is also used to deal with discontiguous subnets in a network that is using a classful protocol: subnets separated by a different class network. For example, assume that you have networks,, and However, a different class network,, sits between the first two Class B subnets and In this situation, the router connected to and, when it receives from the side of the network connected to the discontiguous subnet, will ignore this routing entry. Remember that when routes cross a class boundary in a classful protocol, the network number is sent as its classful number. Therefore, the router connected to and, when it advertises updates across the subnet, will advertise not the actual subnet number.
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YOU TRY IT Calculate the limit, limx 3 ( x3 3x2 + x 3) /( x 3) .
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The optical pickup designed for use in a DVD unit is mounted on an arm that positions the laser beneath the disc surface during playback. As you can see from the previous table, the required laser wavelength is different for CDs than it is for DVDs. One technique for handling this difference is to use a twin-laser pickup that features completely separate laser and lens xtures. If the DVD player or DVD-ROM drive is attempting to read a CD or CD-R, it uses the xture optimized with a laser wavelength for these media types. For DVDs, DVD-Rs, or DVD-ROMs, the unit employs the laser and lens with the wavelength optimized for DVD media. A focusing control adjusts the depth of focus to be able to read the individual DVD layers. For a DVD, layer 0 is about 0.55 millimeters above the bottom surface of the disc. The second layer, if present, is another 55 micrometers higher. In comparison, data that is embedded in a CD or CD-ROM appears approximately 1.15 millimeters above the bottom sur45
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Minimum cardinality for Offering
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Invalid addressing configuration for a router
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Amplifier Design
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supports up to six equal-cost paths to a single destination.
How is chlamydial ophthalmia prevented
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6. You need to configure an IP address on a router s serial interface (s0/0). Use the last host address in The interface is a DCE and you need to enable the interface. The speed of the connection is 64 Kbps. Set the bandwidth metric to match the speed of the interface. Enter the commands to accomplish this. 7. Enter the router Global Configuration mode command that will allow you to use the first address in the first subnet of a subnetted C class network: __________. 8. Examine this output:
Part One
14: Introducing LINQ
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This file contains the actual configuration running in RAM of the IOS device (the one it is currently using). This file contains the backed-up configuration in NVRAM or flash of an IOS device.
In doing area problems look for symmetry that will make the problem easier and cut down on the amount of numbers you have to manipulate.
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