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When sizing your Conferencing Manager servers, using the memory formula is not enough to determine an accurate value for how many users a server can support. The types of applications in a meeting must also be taken into account. Different applications exhibit different amounts of latency, depending on how much of the screen is changed with every action. Latency is defined in this scenario as the time for all attendees in a meeting to receive screen changes. The following lists three types of applications: Documents and Spreadsheets These types of application, by design, update small portions of the screen. When users collaborate using such application, they notice small amounts of latency, which is sometimes unnoticeable. These types of meeting can support the most users and the upper end of the memoryformula spectrum. Presentations These types of application, by design, update the entire screen when slides are changed. When users collaborate they notice a degree of latency, depending on the actions performed. Changing the text has little impact, while adding pictures and transitions is more intensive. These types of meeting support the middle of the memory-formula spectrum. Typical latency on a meeting viewing a PowerPoint presentation with 60 users is about 2 seconds per slide. Highly intensive graphic and CAD applications These types of application, by design, update the entire screen when changes occur and include complex shapes and colors. When users collaborate, they notice a degree of latency, depending on the actions performed. such as moving and resizing objects. These types of meeting will support the lower end of the memory formula spectrum.
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Using MATCH and INDEX together The power of Excel functions can be magnified by using them together. Because MATCH can locate a row number based on matching it with a specific label or value, you can use the result of MATCH as a row parameter in INDEX. In the following illustration, we specify the company Charlie in cell E7. The following in cell E8 returns the stock price for the company: = INDEX D2 D5,MATCH E7,B2 : :B5,0
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TABLE 24.4 Common Protocol Stacks.
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Observations The target incentive amount can vary by salesperson. The KSO program is capped, which is a normal feature of KSO plans. Most KSOs are set quarterly, semiannually, or annually.
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Figure 26.17 The CRC-4 multiframe structure for 2.048 Mbps (E1) primary rate, showing the contents of successive timeslot 0 (TS0) positions. The main frame alignment signal in alternate frames remains the same as the earlier G.704 standard shown in Figure 26.16, but the reserved first bit now is used to carry the four bits of the CRC-4 remainder for the previous sub-multiframe. The E bits provide the far end block error (FEBE) indication so that the performance of the transmit path can be monitored from the sending end. The A bits provide a remote alarm indication.
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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One of the more difficult aspects of delivering carrier Ethernet is the footprint problem Ethernet simply does not reach every customer today. Certainly, that is changing as fiber deployments continue, but even with today s massive fiber builds for IPTV, it will still be decades before the majority of businesses and consumers have direct optical access. Alternatively, carriers can deploy Ethernet over low-bandwidth T1/E1 connections. These alternatives represent the high (optical) and low (T1/E1) bandwidth opportunity. But there is a huge need for a middle ground a need for more bandwidth than with T1/E1 but less bandwidth than with optical services. This middle bandwidth opportunity, the Mid-Band Ethernet market, will be the prime service growth area for the next decade. Mid-Band Ethernet technologies use DSL physical layers and run Ethernet natively over one or more copper pairs to create highly reliable, high-bandwidth services.
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This memo from our risk adjusters describes how to protect your possessions.
A modern cable system is capable of fully bidirectional communication. The optical fibers between the head-end and the fiber nodes carry downstream (from the head-end to the customer) and upstream (from the customer to the head-end) signals on separate fibers, whereas the two signals are intermixed on the coax portion of the plant. In order to allow bidirectional communications over the coax portion of the plant, and to maintain compatibility with the legacy downstream services (analog and digital video), the upstream communications operate at the low-frequency end of the spectrum (5 42 MHz in North America, 5 65 MHz in Europe), whereas the downstream transmissions operate in the normal video transmission band (typically 54 870 MHz in North America, 87.5 862 MHz in Europe). Because cable networks were originally designed as one-way transmission media, the spectrum allocation for downstream (to the customer) and upstream (to the network) communication in cable networks is very asymmetric. The upstream radio frequency (RF) spectrum is fairly narrow compared to the amount of downstream spectrum. That, coupled with the highly robust modulation required for upstream transmissions, leaves a large asymmetry in capacity between the two channels. That capacity asymmetry has, fortunately, matched fairly well with the demand asymmetry historically seen in websurfing traffic for residential broadband users and the predominantly downstream entertainment video services. Today, applications are increasingly making more use of the upstream transmission path, for example, peer-to-peer sharing of multimedia content
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Web site: www.eaasv.org Contact: Jerry Pohorsky <JerryP819@aol.com> (408) 464-0711 Mailing: 1691 Berna Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050 Meetings: 3rd Saturday (Jan Nov)
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But what do we mean by disorder For now, let s just say that order and disorder in physics are not, as common sense might imply, a matter of neat versus messy. Rather, order and disorder relate directly to the number of different ways of accomplishing one particular thing. The more ways there are for a system to do one particular thing or to be in one particular state, the more disorder and the more entropy the system has. For example, when there are only a few ways for the molecules of a system to arrange themselves to achieve a particular temperature, then we say that the system is highly ordered. But when there are many different ways for the same molecules to achieve a given temperature, then we say that the system is disordered.
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Figure 3.96 Agilent (HP) voltage-biased LNA MMIC.
Categories of Twisted-Pair Cabling
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