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Loads in Series
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Failover and Contexts
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Do you ride the ebb and flow of nature s cycles and life s various stages, or do you fight what feels right in order to do something completely opposite You ve probably heard the term go with the flow, an expression that refers to consciously working with the natural flow of things and being in tune with your life s rhythms and the rhythms of others around you. How do you know when you are working with the natural flow of things You know because it just feels right. Being attuned to what the universe wants and what our True North calls us to be can lead to our riding a wave of unstoppable energy. When this happens, you feel that you are in sync with what s going on around you. When things feel right, you are more productive, and you perform at your highest levels. Think
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Figure 16-5
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Project Example
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Once you understand your reasons for needing a biometric, you can use the following steps to choose which biometric is appropriate: 1. Determine whether the problem you are trying to solve is a previously solved problem. In other words, do not reinvent the wheel. For example, for a problem such as welfare fraud control, studies and experiences have already established that fingerprints are an acceptable form of identification. Now you only need to see how others solutions can be tailored to fit your problem. 2. Determine whether the subjects of interest are already linked through a biometric to a set of relevant records. A good example is the Immigration and Naturalization Service s Passenger Accelerated Service System (INSPASS), where all applicants are checked using fingerprints because that is the biometric linked to criminal records. Successful applicants are then issued a card linked to their hand geometry for day-to-day use. 3. Identify the type of application and then eliminate any biometric that is not capable of performing your function (such as surveillance, identification, or just verification). For example, hand geometry cannot perform a surveillance function. 4. Identify any location-of-use constraints. Use outdoors in adverse weather or lighting conditions can degrade performance of many biometrics. For example, extremely cold weather inhibits users of outdoor hand geometry readers without provision of an environmental covering and some heat source. 5. Identify any constraints such as population size and age range. Extremely large populations limit the number of biometrics to the one successfully demonstrated to work with tens of millions of records fingerprints. Populations that include very young persons and persons over 55 years of age can pose performance problems for many biometrics. 6. Consider the availability of decision makers in case of a false claim or challenged results and understand the anticipated numbers of false rejects and false matches that a biometric would likely have on your population and transaction rates. The fallback must be well thought out
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Case Study: Optical Storage for Digital Video Applications
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asctime(localtime(time)) THE C++ BUILDER FUNCTION LIBRARY
Leu, L
1 Commission Rate (x) nd 2 Commission Rate (y) rd 3 Commission Rate (z)
Figure 21-3. Common use for transparent mode
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