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Part 1 provides a background for the subsequent detailed study of database design, database application development, and database administration. The chapters in Part 1 present the principles of database management and the nature of the database development process. 1 covers the basic concepts of database management including database characteristics, features and architectures of database management systems, the market for database management systems, and organizational impacts of database technology. 2 introduces the context, objectives, phases, and tools of the database development process.
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/* Compute the factorial of a number. */ int factr(int n) /* recursive */ { int answer; if(n==1) return(1); answer = factr(n-1)*n; return(answer); } /* Compute the factorial of a number. */ int fact(int n) /* non-recursive */ { int t, answer; answer = 1; for(t=1; t<=n; t++) answer=answer*(t); return(answer); }
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To edit an image, select the image thumbnail, and then click Edit to reveal the Edit drop-down menu, which gives you the option of editing the image in Quick Fix or Full Edit mode.
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To help you with creating regular expressions, here are two examples:
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Part I:
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more than 140,000 federal government employees to the FBI, which established a Civil Identification Section. From this humble beginning, the civil files soon grew in size to equal the criminal files each holds the fingerprints for approximately 40 million people.
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The Power of Iterators
TABLE 8.10 Vendors Offering EoF and EoWDM Solutions Vendor ADVA Solution/Product Name FSP3000 FSP500 Alcatel Alcatel 1660 Alcatel 7450 Atrica A2000 A4000 A8000 Calient Ciena Cisco DiamondWave PXC CoreDirector ONS 15327 ONS 15454 ONS 15600 ONS 15800 Extreme Networks Fujitsu BlackDiamond Series(6800-12804) Alpine 3800 Flashwave 4500 Flashwave 5150 Flashwave 7500 Infinera Lucent DTN LambdaUnite Ethernet Router 15800 Nortel Optical Metro 3500 Optical Multi-Service Edge 6110 Optical Multi-Service Edge 6500 Optical Packet Edge System Optical TN series Comments Optical transport system, ROADM MSPP MSPP Metro Ethernet platform (core) Metro Ethernet platform (edge) Metro Ethernet platform (aggregation) Metro Ethernet platform (core) Optical transport system MSPP, DCS, optical transport system MSPP MSPP MSPP Optical transport systems Metro Ethernet platform (aggregation, core) Metro Ethernet platform (edge, aggregation) MSPP Metro Ethernet platform (edge, aggregation) Optical transport system, ROADM Optical transport system MSPP Metro Ethernet platform (edge, aggregation) MSPP MSPP MSPP Resilient packet ring (RPR) MSPP
Exploring the C# Library
subdirectories. The topmost directory in a file system is usually called the root directory. A file system may exist as a hierarchy of information, in the same way that a building can contain several file rooms, each of which contains several file cabinets, which contain drawers that contain dividers, folders, and documents. Directories are sometimes called folders in some computing environments. Files A file is a sequence of zero or more characters that are stored as a whole. A file may be a document, spreadsheet, image, sound file, computer program, or data that is used by a program. A file can be small as zero characters in length (an empty file) or as large as many gigabytes (trillions of characters). A file occupies units of storage on storage media (which could be a hard disk or flash memory device, for example) that may be called blocks or sectors; however, the file system hides these underlying details from the user so that the file may be known simply by its name and the directory in which it resides. Well-known file systems in use today include: FAT (File Allocation Table) This file system has been used in MS-DOS and early versions of Microsoft Windows. Versions of FAT include FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32. FAT is often used as the file system on portable media devices such as flash drives, and it does not support security access controls. NTFS (NT File System) This is used in newer versions of Windows, including desktop and server editions. NTFS supports file- and directory-based access control and file system journaling. HFS (Hierarchical File System) This is the file system used on computers running the Mac OS operating system. ISO 9660 This is a file system used by CD-ROM and DVD-ROM media. UDF (Universal Disk Format) This is an optical media file system that is considered a replacement for ISO 9660. UDF is widely used on rewritable optical media.
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
mechanisms having heavy masses or loads such as an indexing turret mechanism mechanisms having high-speed and thus high-inertia loads mechanisms having high pressure angles. Let N = normal component of velocity, ips = follower acceleration in/sec2 Fn = force normal to cam surface, lb ap = pressure angle, deg W = cam rotational speed, rad/sec T = torque, lb-in b = angle of cam rotation for maximum rise, h rad h = maximum rise of follower, in q = cam angle rotation, rad y = follower velocity, ips L = external load on cam, lb L0 = m + L = total load on cam, lb (friction is negligible) m = mass of follower, lb sec2/in Figure 8.8 shows a radial cam with a roller follower. The normal component N = rw sin a p also the follower velocity y = rw tan a p and the torque load Lo = Fn cosa p also the torque T = Fn r sin a p combining yields T = Lo r tan a p . Substituting Eq. (8.4) in Eq. (8.5) we nd torque T= = Lo y w ( L + my) y . w (8.6) (8.7) (8.5) (8.4)
#define US 0 #define ENGLAND 1
Cardboard slipcover ( LP cover )
Another important design consideration is the server location options set in Program Neighborhood, Web Interface, and Program Neighborhood Agent clients. These settings are what ultimately give the users the ability to connect when the most preferred data collector fails. The following includes recommendations and guidelines for configuring the server location for the different clients.
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