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Although all managed code gains the benefits provided by the CLR, if your code will be used by other programs written in different languages, then, for maximum usability, it should adhere to the Common Language Specification (CLS). The CLS describes a set of features that different .NET-compatible languages have in common. CLS compliance is especially important when creating software components that will be used by other languages. The CLS includes a subset of the Common Type System (CTS). The CTS defines the rules concerning data types. Of course, C# supports both the CLS and the CTS.
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of keywords. It is truly amazing that by using C, a programmer can achieve nearly the efficiency of assembly code, combined with the structure of ALGOL or Modula-2. It is no wonder that C became one of the most popular programming languages. The fact that C can often be used in place of assembly language contributed greatly to its success. Assembly language uses a symbolic representation of the actual binary code that the computer executes. Each assembly language operation maps into a single task for the computer to perform. Although assembly language gives programmers the potential for accomplishing tasks with maximum flexibility and efficiency, it is notoriously difficult to use when developing and debugging a program. Furthermore, since assembly language is unstructured, the final program tends to be spaghetti code a tangled mess of jumps, calls, and indexes. This lack of structure makes assembly language programs difficult to read, enhance, and maintain. Perhaps more important, assembly language routines are not portable between machines with different CPUs. Initially, C was used for systems programming. A systems program is part of a large class of programs that forms a portion of the operating system of the computer or its support utilities. For example, the following are usually called systems programs: Operating systems Interpreters Editors Compilers File utilities Performance enhancers Real-time executives As C grew in popularity, many programmers began to use it to program all tasks because of its portability and efficiency and because they liked it! At the time of its creation, C was a much longed-for, dramatic improvement in programming languages. Of course, C++ has carried on this tradition. With the advent of C++, some thought that C as a distinct language would die out. Such has not been the case. First, not all programs require the application of the object-oriented programming features provided by C++. For example, applications such as embedded systems are still typically programmed in C. Second, a substantial amount of C code is still in use, and those programs will continue to be enhanced and maintained. While C s greatest legacy is as the foundation for C++, it will continue to be a vibrant, widely used language for many years to come.
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to determine which direction the error is in. By using Payload loopback, the network overhead will reframe and recalculate the CRC, which might remove the error from the return path.
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Forgetting to Reset a Pointer
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Figure 14.7 The IEEE 802.5 Token-Ring frame structure.
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There are several directives that allow you to selectively compile portions of your program s source code. This process, called conditional compilation, is widely used by commercial software houses that provide and maintain many customized versions of one program.
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4. The Resv message is forwarded back to the ingress LSR along the same path followed by the Path message, using the path state at each LSR to ensure it follows the same path. At each LSR, the label indicated in the received Label Object will be used as the egress label for the LSP, and a new Label Object will be included in the Resv message sent upstream to the previous LSR. 5. When the Resv message reaches the ingress LSR, the LSP setup is complete. RSVP-TE has also been extended to enable it to create point-to-multipoint LSPs, which may also be traffic engineered. The LSPs created are analogous to the trees created by PIM-SSM in IP multicast. P2MP RSVP-TE is useful for applications such as multipoint video distribution or multicast VPLS (see section on IP Multicast in VPLS below).
The prototype for putch( ) is in <conio.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The putch( ) function displays the character specified in ch on the screen. This function writes directly to the screen and not to stdout. Therefore, no character translations are performed and no redirection will occur. If successful, putch( ) returns ch. On failure, EOF is returned.
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// Access to alpha and beta is allowed only through methods. ob.SetAlpha(-99); ob.SetBeta(19); Console.WriteLine("ob.alpha is " + ob.GetAlpha()); Console.WriteLine("ob.beta is " + ob.GetBeta()); // You cannot access alpha or beta like this: ob.alpha = 10; // Wrong! alpha is private! ob.beta = 9; // Wrong! beta is private! // It is OK to directly access gamma because it is public. ob.gamma = 99; } }
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