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Mixer Design
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Authentication system maintenance incorporates periodic procedures that keep the system operating reliably. Some of these procedures might be at the system level, like database backup and server replication; these procedures aren t distinctive to authentication systems except that databases of secret keys must remain confidential during the operations. Other maintenance procedures involve components of the authentication operation itself. Most authentication devices require little or no maintenance, but most password systems and some biometrics systems must deal with periodic maintenance. Many organizations implement password aging and require users to change their passwords periodically. This reflects a tradition inherited from cryptographic systems: the notion that a key wears out after a long period of use and that we strengthen security by replacing it. Many systems provide for automatic password expiration, and almost all password systems provide an interactive service for replacing the existing password with a new one. However, some research suggests that the security of password systems is actually impaired by periodic password changes. A major problem is that users seem more likely to save written copies of passwords if they are induced to change them often (Adams and Sasse 1999). An alternative, more user-friendly policy is to enable keystroke dynamics in conjunction with conventional passwords. This technique is discussed in 6. If a biometric system needs to recognize a person over a long period of time, the system must contend with aging and other physiological changes that could affect the characteristic or trait being measured. For example, a building entry system in a large housing project uses hand measurements for biometric authentication. Children reportedly start using the system at about age eight, and the system automatically adjusts a child s verifier as the child grows (Junkel 1999). This automatic adjustment over time is sometimes referred to as template averaging. The most efficient way of dealing with periodic maintenance tasks is, of course, to automate them.
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4.3.5 Testing and optimizing crystal oscillators
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11. The ASCII lowercase letters are separated from the uppercase letters by 32. Thus, to convert
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It is common to need higher bandwidth speeds for certain kinds of connections in your network, such as connections from the access layer to the distribution layer, between distribution layer switches, between distribution and core layer switches, and between certain servers or routers and their connected switches. For example, in Figures 14-1 and 14-14 you can see dual layer 2 connections between the two distribution layer switches as well as between the distribution and core layer switches. The problem with this type of design, however, is that it creates layer 2 loops; and with STP running, STP will ensure that only one path is active between two devices, limiting you to the bandwidth of one of possibly multiple connections.
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10. How would you suspend a telnet session 6
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Shear forces transmitted by wheels of railway wagons are very high and punching shear failure is possible. In railway tracks, sleepers and ballasts are used to distribute wheel loads at 45 degrees to subgrade.
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It tells the compiler that an explicit integer specialization of myclass is being created. This same general syntax is used for any type of class specialization. Explicit class specialization expands the utility of generic classes, because it lets you easily handle one or two special cases, while allowing all others to be automatically processed by the compiler. Of course, if you find that you are creating too many specializations, then you are probably better off not using a template class in the first place.
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Although the preceding program is correct, it is not written as efficiently as it could be. Specifically, there is no need for the areaPP variable. A call to AreaPerPerson( ) can be used in the WriteLine( ) statement directly, as shown here:
A Better Universe
DEC 21
Number of Devices
This statement is true when RSVP is used to reserve resources for each individual session. As we shall see later in this chapter, however, traffic-engineering extensions for RSVP (RSVP-TE) mean that RSVP can be used for traffic-engineering functions. Since RSVP-TE is not used on a per-session basis, it does not have the same scaling limitations as basic RSVP.
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