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It is possible to synchronize an entire method by using the MethodImplAttribute attribute. This approach can be used as an alternative to the lock statement in cases in which the entire contents of a method are to be locked. MethodImplAttribute is defined within the System.Runtime.CompilerServices namespace. The constructor that applies to synchronization is shown here: public MethodImplAttribute(MethodImplOptions methodImplOptions) Here, methodImplOptions specifies the implementation attribute. To synchronize a method, specify MethodImplOptions.Synchronized. This attribute causes the entire method to be locked on the instance (that is, via this). (In the case of static methods, the type is locked on.) Thus, it must not be used on a public object or with a public class. Here is a rewrite of the TickTock class that uses MethodImplAttribute to provide synchronization:
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Enrollment is the procedure in which a data subject (or prospective enrollee) presents one or more biometric samples for processing into an acceptable template for future matching. The number of samples required for the creation of such a template varies depending on several factors. These include the type of biometric device selected, user and environmental considerations, and performance considerations (primarily, the level of the threshold the minimum acceptable level necessary for matching). If the biometric device selected is based on a fingerprint, for example, user and environmental considerations such as angle and placement of the finger on the scanner; injury (cut), residue, or obstruction (bandage) on the finger itself; and dirt or residue on the sensor can affect the processing necessary for template generation. Multiple samples are taken because the match performance of certain algorithms can benefit from considering multiple samples at the time of enrollment. The template, generated from the average of these samples, is then securely stored. Because multiple samples are taken, enrollment takes longer than a typical matching operation. Many systems generate an enrollment score based on the samples to indicate the quality of enrollment. Based on the preset parameters for the system, the score is determined to be above a certain minimum acceptable standard. The threshold for the enrollment score has to be balanced with system considerations, such as user inconvenience and throughput rates, faced during the enrollment process. A high/low enrollment score means a likely chance of high/low matching later. In some special cases, a template might be based on only one sample. Such a case could be a surveillance application where people s faces in a public area would be scanned and a template (clandestinely) created based on that one sample. The template could then be used to do future matches to examine patterns of suspect behavior. In one-to-one matching scenarios, the enrollment can be purely voluntary. For example, customers of a credit union may enroll into the credit union s database to access tellerless kiosks. Customers are not required to enroll; it is optional. However, for certain applications, enrollment is mandatory. In a one-to-many scenario designed to identify double-dippers, the biometric system is checking against a pre-enrolled database where enrollment is usually done by a trusted third party (such as by state civil servants enrolling clients of government entitlement programs). All entitlement recipients must enroll, otherwise double-dippers will simply defeat the biometric system by choosing not to participate in it. Some systems can provide dynamic thresholds. Dynamic thresholds are thresholds set per user (as opposed to all users having the same threshold for enrollment). Dynamic thresholds can be tied to the value or the importance of a particular transaction. For example, requesting access to an unrestricted area of a building may require a lower enrollment score, while requesting access to
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Thus, the for in the preceding program will usually be written like this:
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It takes many protocols to support an ATM network, which is one of the issues that continually comes up as a negative from the supporters of the gigabit Ethernet crowd. To develop the necessary interfaces in support of the various points within a network (networks are pretty complex in themselves), different protocols are necessary. The actual protocols needed depend on where the traffic originates, what transport mechanisms must be traversed, and where the traffic will terminate. To see this in a clear picture, a summary of protocols for the ATM user is shown in Table 11-4 and also shown graphically in Figure 11-3 .
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Traffic flowing from one interface to another with the same security level is denied by default. Traffic flowing into and then out of the same interface is denied by default.
Issues Resolved
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To solve the problem of overlapping addresses, as well as to address the problem of using private addresses and accessing a public network, the IETF developed RFC 1631, which defines the process of address translation. This allows you to translate a private address in an IP packet header to another address either public or private. Here are some common examples where you might need to deploy address translation: You are merging two networks that have an overlapping address space. You need to make it appear that the overlapping network numbers are unique to the two different sides. Your ISP has assigned you a very small number of public addresses, and you need to provide many of your devices access to the Internet. You were assigned a public address space by your ISP, and when you change ISPs, your new ISP will not support your currently assigned address space. You have critical services on a single device, and you need to duplicate these resources across many devices. However, you need to make it appear that all of the devices that contain these resources appear as a single entity.
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The next level of control is to use the range-finding sensors such as the GP2D02, GP0D12, SRF04, or the Panasonic 6500. With these sensors, the microcontroller can be programmed to keep your robot a specific distance from your opponent, say 12 to 18 inches. If the opponent moves away, your robot will close in on it; and
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TABLE 25-4
Currently there is no existing regulation, but there should be. In September 2008, the United States government took control of Washington Mutual. It was viewed as the greatest bank failure in American history to date. It reminds us that no matter how huge a company is, it can still come tumbling down. Look at a company like Google, for instance. It s a big one and recently valued at $107 billion. That size and value would seem to make them bulletproof. But WaMu was worth $307 billion when it failed. While comparing cloud service providers to banks might seem like an apples-to-oranges comparison, it underscores the need for regulation. While banks deal in money, and cloud service providers deal in data, both are of immense value to consumers and organizations alike. The fact that there was some regulation in place (in the form of government-backed insurance) prevented a run on the bank. When WaMu failed, everyone got to keep their money, thanks to the government s insurance. There isn t a third party insuring anyone s cloud data, and if a provider decides to close up shop, then that data can be lost.
Another problem is dealing with our calls while away from the office. Callers are forced to either leave a message or to page us. Unfortunately, we spend a large portion of our valuable time playing telephone tag. This costs time, opportunities to complete transactions, and money. Newer systems can handle the phone process for us when they become available. Some of these features include the following:
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