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Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
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Some of the more common verbs requiring de before the infinitive are listed here:
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measure your tire s actual circumference in your driveway. A chalk mark on the sidewall and a tape measure and one full turn of your tire is all you need to tell if you re in the ballpark. Ideally, you want soapbox derby or at least motorcycle tires on your EV: thin (little contact area with the road), hard (little friction), and large diameter (fewer revolutions per mile, and thus higher mileage, longer wear). From engineering studies on the rolling loss characteristics of solid rubber tires, we get the following equation: Ft 5 Ct(W/d)(th/tw)1/ 2 where Ft is the rolling resistance force, Ct is a constant reflecting the tire material s elastic and loss characteristics, W is the weight on the tire, d is the outside diameter of the tire, and th and tw are the tire section height and width, respectively. This is the last you ll see or hear of this equation in the book, but the point is, the rolling resistance force is affected by the material (harder is better for EV owners), the loading (less weight is better), the size (bigger is better), and the aspect ratio (a lower th/tw ratio is better). The variables in more conventional tire rolling resistance equations are usually tire inflation pressure (resistance decreases with increasing inflation pressure harder is better), vehicle speed (increases with increasing speed), tire warmup (warmer is better), and load (less weight is better).
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Smart Home Controls
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Several terms and concepts used in cryptography are not used outside of the field. Security professionals and IS auditors must be familiar with these to be effective in understanding, managing, and auditing IT systems that use cryptography. Terms used in cryptography include: Plaintext An original message, file, or stream of data that can be read by anyone who has access to it Ciphertext A message, file, or stream of data that has been transformed by an encryption algorithm and rendered unreadable Hash function A cryptographic operation on a block of data that returns a fixed-length string of characters, used to verify the integrity of a message Message digest The result of a cryptographic hash function Encryption The process of transforming plaintext into ciphertext. This is depicted in Figure 6-5. Digital signature The result of encrypting the hash of a message with the originator s private encryption key, used to prove the authenticity and integrity of a message. This is depicted in Figure 6-6. Algorithm A specific mathematical formula that is used to perform encryption, decryption, message digests, and digital signatures Decryption The process of transforming ciphertext into plaintext so that a recipient can read it
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A const member function cannot modify the object that invoked it.
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el/la (los/las) mejor(es) (the) best el/la (los/las) peores (the) worst el/la (los/las) m s peque o(a)(s) the smallest (size)
Useful Life of an Overlay
Voltage source
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