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Every application delivery implementation will face unique challenges, depending on the existing environment, project scope, and technology utilized. Some issues will be impossible to anticipate. Others are fairly common and include travel, printing, local file sharing, CD-ROM sharing, and access to legacy systems from remote locations. TIP: Do not make assumptions. When replacing a user s PC with a thin-client terminal for one of our clients, the implementation team encountered a particularly irate user. The implementation team member could not get the new terminal to communicate with the existing monitor despite hours of troubleshooting. After a second day of lost productivity, the team leader finally discovered that the monitor had never worked. The user neglected to tell the installer because he wanted to see if the new thin-client terminal could fix it.
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Sample output from this program is shown next:
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*Super-trunk method can limit cable system cascades. Present-day systems use ber-optic methods.
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objects. It also helps when you need to use Windows Explorer to clean up the .lov files on your local disk or verify the file size of a customized list. 5. The check box Allow Users To Edit This List Of Values is checked by default. Table 10-1 explains the purpose of each of these check boxes.
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var webAddrs = from addr in websites let idx = addr.LastIndexOf(".") where idx != -1 group addr by addr.Substring(idx) into ws where ws.Count() > 2 select ws;
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Advantages of Address Translation
Figure 16-6
The Comma Operator
The Replace function takes a string input_parameter and replaces all occurrences of string input_replace with string input_replace_with.
(a) Oscillating follower.
He doesn t like to dance or to sing.
if(b != 0) cout << a/b << '\n';
This program raises the SIGTERM signal, which causes myhandler( ) to be executed:
In certain audits, such as internal audit reports, management may have some leeway in changing the scope during the reporting period. Procedure discovery or testing exceptions may reveal an area where management may wish to dig deeper. It may be more economical to augment the current audit, when auditors are available and now understand the procedures. Management may wish to get to the root of an issue immediately, rather than suffer the delay of putting it on the schedule for some time in the future.
Case Study: Macromedia Add Life to the Web CD-ROM
F ( x)
The Upper function takes a string input_parameter and returns a character string converted to all uppercase.
Figure 14.9 FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) uses a dual-ring topology for fault tolerance. The
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