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Sample Cam drawing with cam contour and tape check.
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This creates a 10 20 array, and again, the comma separates the dimensions. To access an element in a two-dimensional array, you must specify both indices, separating the two with a comma. For example, to assign the value 10 to location 3, 5 of array table, you would use
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12: Biometrics and Privacy
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where username is the name of the Windows user and BOE_repository is the name of the BusinessObjects Enterprise repository. As discussed in the preceding chapter, it s important to remember that during universe development, you are working on a local copy. Users will not be able to see your changes until you export the universe to the repository.
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Citrix Presentation Server requires and supports only the Oracle Advanced Replication feature. In particular, Presentation Server supports Synchronous Multi-Master Replication. Oracle Synchronous Multi-Master Replication can be set up using Oracle Enterprise Manager or Replication Management API. Citrix recommends using the Replication Management API to set up the Oracle Synchronous Multi-Master Replication. All the databases involved in the Oracle Synchronous Multi-Master Replications are called master sites. For the purpose of this illustration of using the Replication Management API to set up the Synchronous Multi-Master Replication, two databases are used: one is called and the other is called In this example, objects are replicated from to The general steps for setting up the Oracle Synchronous Multi-Master Replication in Oracle database versions 9i and 10g are the following: Configure the initialization parameters Set Up master sites Create necessary schemas on both master sites Create master group Start replication
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the iteration portion of the loop is executed. This process continues until the conditional test is false, at which point execution picks up at the bottom of the loop. As a point of interest, in professionally written C# programs, you will almost never see the iteration portion of the loop written as shown in the preceding program. That is, you will seldom see statements like this:
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D a t a Ty p e s , L i t e r a l s , a n d Va r i a b l e s
As a provider of the industry s leading cloud application platform, our consulting organization works with enterprises to deliver applications on large-scale private clouds, said Mark Sundt, vice president of professional services, Appistry. The Skytap environment allows us to help our customers get cloud applications to market more quickly by adopting a hybrid model for development and large scale testing. The ability to automatically scale up lab infrastructure using the Skytap API complements our clients on-site infrastructure and gives us tremendous business flexibility. For more information on this release of Skytap Virtual Lab visit
23: Address Translation
#if if(condition) statement; else statement;
Although it is not wrong to use two where clauses as just shown, the same effect can be achieved in a more compact manner by using a single where in which both tests are combined into a single expression. Here is the query rewritten to use this approach:
23.05.The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of the show ip nat statistics command on a router.
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