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Part II:
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A common programming construct that is based upon the nested if is the if-else-if ladder. It looks like this: if(condition) statement; else if(condition) statement; else if(condition) statement; . . . else statement; The conditional expressions are evaluated from the top downward. As soon as a true condition is found, the statement associated with it is executed, and the rest of the ladder is bypassed.
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Crack Sealing
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Specification Maintained Traffic Level
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Headends and Signal Processing
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Route Summarization
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Figure 5.7 Construction of a three-column bent pier in New Jersey (designed by the author).
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Effectiveness testing using reperformance can involve an auditor reproducing control activities performed by clients. This method can allow an auditor to confirm that controls have been operating correctly because they can re-create the control activity themselves. Reperformance can involve recomputing figures or confirming the reported values from source data. Some examples of testing by reperformance include: The control owner performs a reconciliation on reports provided by two different systems and initials the documents before processing. To test that the reconciliation was performed correctly, an auditor reviews whether the figures match on a sample of initialed documents. A billing application generates reports on hours worked by querying a database of hours worked on each project. An auditor seeks to validate report totals are accurate, so she gathers the source, imports it into a database, and queries the source data to see if she can reproduce the values produced by the billing application.
unsigned _dos_setfileattr(const char *fname, unsigned attrib)
1. Create a file called TruckDemo.cs, and copy the last implementation of Vehicle from
Routing and Multicasting
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