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The C++ I/O system includes a second way to alter the format parameters of a stream. This way uses special functions called manipulators, which can be included in an I/O expression. The standard manipulators are shown in Table 24-1. To use the manipulators that take parameters, you must include <iomanip> in your program.
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A pointer can point to an object of a structure type as long as the structure does not contain reference types. When you access a member of a structure through a pointer, you must use the arrow operator, which is >, rather than the dot (.) operator. For example, given this structure,
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NAT, as I mentioned earlier, performs a one-to-one address translation. Typically you use static translation when you have a server that you want external users to reach from the Internet. For your internal users, however, you will typically create a pool of IP addresses and let the translation device randomly assign an unused global address to the device (dynamic NAT). In this example, a user on the inside of your network is going to access resources on the outside of your network (the user on is trying to access Figure 5-8 illustrates this example.
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CHAPTER 28: Tiling Your Printed Document
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and implementation. Table 2-1 provides some typical goals by process. With each broad goal, as you implement BusinessObjects XI, identify what information elements help achieve or measure the goal. If the elements are in the data warehouse, then ensure these elements are exposed in the universe along with the necessary dimensions to provide context to the data. While the goals in Table 2-1 are company-oriented, other business goals may be more narrowly defined yet still provide a measurable benefit. As you implement BusinessObjects XI in phases or by departments, look to align the implementation with achieving these specific business goals.
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An adventure game with no graphics, played entirely with written descriptions of the action and locations, and driven by keyboard commands. Now commercially obsolete, but still being created as a hobby by the interactive fiction community. Infocom was the best-known publisher of text adventures.
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[f (x) g(x)] dx.
much less than a typical WAN circuit from the carrier. It supports both voice and video and doesn t require a dialup connection (it s always enabled). The main disadvantage of DSL is that coverage is limited to about 18,000 feet and the service is not available in all areas. Cable access uses coaxial copper and fiber connections the same medium used to provide television broadcast services. It supports higher data rates than DSL, but like DSL, it provides a full-time connection. However, it has two major drawbacks: it is a shared service and functions in a logical bus topology much like Ethernet (discussed in 2), so the more customers in an area that connect via cable, the less bandwidth each customer has; since many people are sharing the medium, it is more susceptible to security risks, such as eavesdropping on other peoples traffic. Examples of networking devices used in WAN connections include cable and DSL modems, carrier switches, CSU/DSUs, firewalls, modems, NT1s, and routers.
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Coverage Areas
Arranging and Organizing Objects
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the use of optical fiber, we will discuss a wide range of applications dependent on the use of light. W will conclude this introductory chapter e with a preview of succeeding chapters. Y can use this chapter preview ou by itself or in conjunction with the index to locate specific information of interest. While the chapters in this book were structured in a sequence to provide an optimum benefit for readers, this author also recognizes the reality of a modern work environment where many persons receive assignments that require immediate access to information. To facilitate this fact of life, each chapter in this book was written as an entity to be as independent as possible from succeeding and preceding chapters. Thus, readers requiring access to specific information about a particular topic may be able to turn to the relevant chapter instead of reading all preceding chapters. However, an exception to this general rule might occur in instances where readers need background information concerning both the operation of a specific component of an optical transmission system and the use of an optical fiber transmission system within a particular operational environment. In this situation, it will be necessary to read at least two chapters: one chapter describing the operation of a particular optical transmission system component and the other chapter focusing on the operational environment for which the reader requires information. Now that we have an appreciation of where this chapter is headed, let s commence our reading effort by focusing on the advantages associated with the use of optical transmission.
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