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Occasionally, you will see effect used as a verb (meaning to bring about) in business writing. For instance, How will Mr. Morrison effect change within his organization illustrates effect being used as a verb. Likewise, occasionally you will see affect used as a noun (meaning a feeling or emotion as distinguished from cognition). A director might say that an actress lacks affect, for example. It s important to recognize these different applications; however, for most of us in most business writing situations, using affect as a verb (action) and effect as a noun (end result) simpli es the process and satis es our needs. Affect (v) means to in uence, to change. Effect (n) refers to results.
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At our suggestion, Graphisoft added the capability to enter either a precise cost or a range of cost for each item in the database. This allows us to produce reports like the one in Fig. 5.5.4 (this example is rolled up to the location/system level, but the information is available at the line-item level). This report clearly shows the architect where there is room to affect the budget and where there is not. As the design is further developed, we narrow the cost range on the items as more precise information becomes available, so each subsequent estimate will accurately show what we don t know as well as what we do. Change Management In progressing from one estimate to the next, there is often a question of whether it is best to begin the model from scratch or modify the model from the previous estimate. The problem is to accurately identify the changes that have been made from one drawing release to the next. If this can t be done reliably, we have no choice but to create a new model. There are several tools available now (we use Graphisoft s Change Manager) that compare drawing sets and highlight changes, much as a word processor can compare documents. Note that the effectiveness of these tools depends heavily on the architect s adherence to some form of drawing standards. See Fig. 5.5.5. Effective Collaboration The best that a project team can usually expect from traditional processes is an estimate at the middle and end of each of the three design phases, and each of these takes on the order of three weeks. A lot of work goes on between the time a design decision is made and the time its cost implications are known. This process necessitates a lot of rework and usually results in so-called value engineering efforts in which scope and/or quality is reduced, often with negative impacts to the design intent. The model-based estimating approach produces more useful cost information. Effective change management dramatically reduces the time needed to produce an estimate, Figure 5.5.4 Cost report from model with systems square foot costs and variances. (Image courtesy of Webcor Builders.)
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Line Workers
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Your Model-Building Toolbox: Functions
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As you can see, the result of two XORs using the same key produces the decoded message. (Remember, this simple XOR cipher is not suitable for any real-world, practical use because it is inherently insecure.)
are distance-sensitive, the use of fiber provides telephone companies with a mechanism to increase the transmission rate that subscribers can obtain. In addition, the routing of fiber permits neighborhoods that would be normally too distant from a central office for DSL services via copper twisted-pair cabling to obtain the ability to be eligible for DSL services.
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from Data Table 2. Choose suitable scales for each axis. Draw a smooth curve through the plotted points. Label the graph Figure B. 2. Measuring and Using Numbers Calculate the half-life of 137Bam. Choose a count rate (r) within the range of corrected count rate values in Data Table 2. Use this count rate and the graph in Figure B to determine the time related to this rate, t(r). Repeat this process for half the chosen count rate (r/2). Record all values in Data Table 3. Estimate the halflife of 137Bam by subtracting t(r) from t(r/2). Repeat this procedure for several values of r.
class SomeClass { public static T SomeMeth<T>() where T: new() { return new T(); } // ...
Fluid may be used to distend the uterine cavity. Usually performed as an outpatient procedure under local or general anesthesia It is useful as a screening test to minimize the use of more invasive diagnostic procedures, such as tissue biopsies and D&C (Continued)
d. On the Provider Order tab, adjust the order of the network providers so that Microsoft Windows Network is above NetWare Services. e. Click OK to close the Advanced Settings dialog box. 2. To optimize logon time, add the Windows fonts directory located in %SYSTEMROOT% to the system-path environment variable. 3. To suppress a Citrix Presentation Server setup program error message that says the FileSysChange parameter is invalid, complete the following steps: a. Open the System.ini file located in %SYSTEMROOT%. b. In the [386Enh] section of System.ini, set the following value: FileSysChange=off c. Save and close System.ini. NOTE The appearance of this error message causes unattended setup of Citrix Presentation Server to fail. Make sure the FileSysChange parameter is set to Off before running an unattended installation. 4. Install Presentation Server 3/4 or MetaFrame XP with Feature Release 3. Be sure to activate the appropriate licenses and, if necessary, set the Feature Release level of the server to Feature Release 3. If MetaFrame XP FR3 fails to install, complete the following steps: 1. Uninstall the Novell Client from the server. 2. Install MetaFrame XP FR3, and then install the Novell Client by following the instructions in the section Installing the Novell Client on a Server with Presentation Server. If the system is working properly, skip to the section Configuring ZENworks for Desktops Settings for Presentation Server Support.
Calling series_start( ) with some known integer value initializes the series generator. After that, calls to series( ) will generate the next element in the series. To review: The names of static local variables are known only to the function or block of code in which they are declared; the names of static global variables are known only to the file in which they reside. This means that if you place the series( ) and series_start( ) functions in a separate file, you can use the functions, but you cannot reference the variable series_num. It is hidden from the rest of the code in your program. In fact, you may even declare and use another variable called series_num in your program (in another file, of course) and not confuse anything. In essence, the static modifier permits variables that are known only to the functions that need them, without unwanted side effects. By using static variables, you can hide portions of your program from other portions. This can be a tremendous advantage when trying to manage a very large and complex program. The static storage specifier lets you create generalized functions that can go into libraries for later use.
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hz (Hertz) The frequency is defined using the Hertz scale. khz (kilohertz) The frequency is defined using the kilohertz scale. Under CSS2, frequency values are used only in aural styles. Because no support Note for aural styles was present at the time of writing, there was no known support for time values.
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