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need different cards depending on the coding scheme. Such a situation is generally undesirable. If different cards are needed for different coding schemes, and if we want to implement a variety of coding schemes, then we will need to populate multiple different cards, thereby using up cards that could be used for interfacing with the outside network. The result can be an overall reduction in the call-handling capacity of the network. A midplane design is often preferable to a backplane design. With a midplane design, the handling of information that is sent on an interface is separated from the handling of the interface itself. In a midplane architecture, the physical interfaces to the outside world typically enter at the back of the chassis, while the cards that process the data on those interfaces are at the front of the chassis. In a midplane architecture, we can designate a spare media-handling card at the front of the chassis. Thus, if a media-handling card fails, the spare can take over and be linked to the interface card that the failed media-handling card was supporting. This arrangement allows for N 1 redundancy of media-handling cards, something that is often impossible with a backplane design. Of course, redundancy does not apply only to an MG; it also applies to other nodes such as MGCs, SGs, and so on. For each of these nodes, we require redundant interfaces to other nodes (such as redundant Ethernet interfaces). In the case of an SG, we will have SS7 links to separate signal transfer points (STPs). Node Availability Each node on the network should provide at least 99.999 percent availability. One way to gauge the availability of a node is for the vendor to provide Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) values for each component of a given node as well as for the node as a whole. Often, we will find that MTBF values are in tens of years, which means that we could expect decades to pass before a given component fails. Although this sounds like an impressive duration, do not be overly impressed. The MTBF statistics for a complete node will be much lower than the lowest MTBF value for a single component. Assume, for example, that a gateway has five cards, with MTBF values of 5 years, 10 years, 10 years, 20 years, and 20 years. Then in a given 100year period, we can expect a total of 50 failures (20 10 10 5 5). Thus, our overall MTBF is two years. Although hardware failures can certainly occur, we will most likely find that software failures are more common and in some cases can be catastrophic. A software bug that occurs only under some strange call scenario might not be a major problem, particularly if it means that only the call in question fails. There can be, however, problems that affect all nodes at the
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10. What class is a base class of every other class 11. Explain boxing. 12. How can protected members be accessed
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Property public AuthenticationLevel AuthenticationLevel( get; set; } public virtual RequestCachePolicy CachePolicy { get; set; } public virtual string ConnectionGroupName { get; set; }
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You re going to have a variety of designing needs, which will certainly call for different appearances of Grids, which is why they re customizable. Changing grid-line frequency and spacing is often needed. You can use options in the Grid page of the Options dialog to tailor your grid just the way you need it to appear. To open this page, as shown next, choose View | Setup | Grid And Ruler Setup from the command menus, or right-click your Ruler and choose Grid Setup.
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Circuit bonding solves all of the major problems (just noted) that are associated with the transmission of Ethernet service in the MAN environment. Ethernet frames are transported over the network using the ITU standard GFP/VC/LCAS scheme. In many instances, it is desirable to concatenate or bond many different links either physical or virtual into a single virtual link or pipe. Doing so offers customers or service providers several advantages, including increased efficiency of the physical transport medium and potentially simplified management of one link versus complicated management of several. Let s examine the basic theory and standards utilized for circuit bonding.
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Related Functions
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The optional trunk parameter enables PortFast on trunk connections to nonswitch devices, such as a router or server with a trunk card.
// Side effects can be important. using System; class SideEffects { static void Main() { int i; i = 0; // Here, i is incremented even though the if statement fails.
Downloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
In this example, if you need to use a new size for the arrays, you need only change the declaration of size and recompile your program. All three arrays will be automatically resized.
Server Certificate
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Malaysia is the first country to use a biometrically enabled smart card as part of a national identification scheme. The Government Multi-Purpose Card (GMPC), also called Mykad, electronically incorporates identity, digital thumbprints, and biographical information into a mandatory piece of plastic the size of a credit card. Mykad incorporates encryption technology and other security features including holograms. Apart from the name and address of the cardholder, all other data is protected and can only be accessed through a card reader available only to the authorities. As the name implies, the Government Multi-Purpose Card is not just an ID but holds a number of applications. (Go to for more information.) The GMPC applications include:
If you use a lot of symbol fonts in your text, the sentence capitalization option is notorious for capitalizing those symbols when you don t want this. In these instances, you might want to disable this feature.
In-line AGC Panel-mount AGC Fuse block AGU
In this example, if Abort( ) is called with an argument that equals zero, then the abort request is cancelled by the thread by calling ResetAbort( ), and the thread s execution continues. Any other value causes the thread to stop.
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