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Although Discover True North is a dynamic and life-changing program, without the right and ready vessel, it can do nothing. I am speaking about you. You are the vessel into whom the teachings and lessons must flow so that they can be activated. As the author, I am eager to help facilitate your life-changing personal and work transformation. However, I am a great believer in intentional and accountable learning, and so the level to which you rise, the depth of meaning that you extract from the program, and the guidance that you, and you alone, choose to implement, sharpen, and apply over time are in your hands, not mine. I hold you accountable for this part of it. I am simply here to help facilitate the process with the step-by-step techniques in this book. I hope that through these engaging and motivating life tools, you will find this book to be an invaluable resource that you will draw on again and again. I believe that you have read this far because you are serious about transforming yourself for the better, and even transforming your organization and the world around you. This is why I am inviting you to be my partner on this journey to Discover True North. We cannot and should not do this in isolation from one another. We need support and community to make this transformation long-lasting, and I will further explain how to do this later in the book. I personally don t believe that the answers that many of us are looking for can be found either in the realm of high-tech scientific studies or through simple logic. That s why this book is different from others that you may have read. It blends the concrete, practical application of self-improvement and continuous learning with the universal laws, teachings, and traditions upon which our world was formed and continues to function. I believe it is this essential duality that sets this book and this program apart from so many others.
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The average energy (per molecule) in the system is the amount of energy at each energy level times the fraction of molecules at that particular energy level, summed over all possible energy levels. E =
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The overhead thwack bot.
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Figure 6-24 A PivotTable showing the Field List as well as an extensive set of options for controlling how the grid is laid out.
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Solution: Notice that the x and y terms are at least grouped together and further that the constant has been moved to the right side of the equation. This is similar to the first step in solving an equation by completing the square. Now with the equation written in this form write the perfect squares that satis@ the x2 and x terms and the y2 and y terms adding the appropriate constants to the right side.
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Transformative Paradoxical Challenges Although some Twos like paradoxical challenges, others may initially perceive them as overly complex. Twos who have the latter reaction may not be accustomed to being self-reflective in this way in other words, some Twos have difficulty accepting challenges to their thinking habits, emotional patterns, and behaviors. Because of this, it is best to use the paradoxical challenge after Two learners have acknowledged the need to grow and are willing to examine their own behavior. After the developer states the paradox, it is particularly important to allow Twos to ponder the implications of it. Twos may want to discuss some of their feelings and thoughts, or they may ask that the paradox be restated several times, but these discussions may be distractions from self-examination.
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Why should we test for liveness Because we know that if a system is made by man, it can be defeated by man. One way to defeat a biometric system is to substitute an artificial or simulated biometric sample for the biometric sample of the authorized live human being. As such, liveness testing is a technique used to maximize our confidence that individuals are who they claim to be, and that they are alive and able to make the claim. Sometimes liveness testing is not a sophisticated process. Depending on the system, liveness testing can be as simple as having an observer supervise the capture of the biometric sample. Take, for example, this true story set in South Africa and reported in the Eastern Province Herald newspaper: At first, nothing seemed untoward, Postmaster Dawie Bester related. I was manning the post office counter, which is used to serve illiterate people when a young man and woman arrived, holding an older man between them. 2 In South Africa, pensioners can use a fingerprint to claim their monthly pension check. The young man and woman explained that the older man was their uncle and said, he is very lazy, he cannot be bothered to stay awake to claim his pension. He may be drunk. He is ill. All the same, Postmaster Bester started to become suspicious when he noticed the old man s eyes were completely closed and still. Then, when he noticed the way the young man was maneuvering the old man s hand on the counter for fingerprint-taking, the postmaster told them that pension claimants have to be in full control of their bodies and minds to get their cash, and he would summon his supervisor. At that point, the couple shouted at the postmaster, and then abruptly ran off, leaving the old man to fall to the ground. Postmaster Bester explained: When I got around to the other side of the counter, I discovered that the old man was ice cold and had obviously been dead for many hours, so I called the police. In all my 29 years working in this post office I have never known such a thing. We have had several people die while waiting in the queue but never a dead person trying to claim. This Stupid Crimes article illustrates one situation where biometric liveness testing could have inhibited a bogus authentication attempt. Luckily in this situation, the postmaster was observant enough to sense something wasn t quite right. Had this been an unsupervised process, akin to withdrawing money from an ATM, the criminals might have been able to succeed. Like any other security technology, biometrics have inherent weaknesses that can reduce the security of the system, especially in unsupervised applications. Biometrics are not a silver bullet for authentication security. In fact, a typical biometric system has many points that are vulnerable to circumvention. By successfully circumventing key points in the system, it is possible for an adversary to gain unauthorized access to a protected physical or logical area, or appear
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Part II:
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builders use high-pressure air or nitrogen, which do not have to change state from liquid to gas. This gets around the problem of the tanks freezing up, but it doesn t store nearly as much energy in the same space and requires huge tanks to run a hammer for an entire match. Another option is to drive the hammer with an electric motor. This makes it easy to give the weapon 180 degrees or more of travel, allowing it to reach full speed before hitting the target. Gearing should be optimized for maximum speed at impact, taking into account that with too low a gear ratio, the motor won t have enough torque to get up to speed, while too high a ratio will mean that your hammer will reach its top speed too early and not do as much damage as it should. Problems of both speed and torque can be solved by choosing the most powerful drive motor you can for the mechanism. Some hammer robots have used a crankshaft mechanism to produce reciprocating hammer motion from a continuously turning drive motor. When considering this kind of mechanism, you should keep in mind two things: First, you want the hammer moving at maximum speed when it strikes the opponent; many simple crankshaft mechanisms will have the hammer traveling at top speed only in the middle of the stroke. Second, if the hammer s motion is interrupted mid-stroke, it should have some way of reversing and striking again without stalling or having to lift the entire robot off the ground. Hydraulic-powered hammers have also been built. Hydraulics can provide tremendous force that can accelerate a hammer very quickly, but most hydraulic systems respond rather slowly and are not ideal for the high speeds required for rapid-fire striking a good hammer system needs. Building a hammer mechanism
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It will be true only for an element whose value is greater than zero. This expression will be evaluated for every n in nums when the query executes. Only those values that satisfy this condition will be obtained. In other words, a where clause acts as a filter on the data source, allowing only certain items through. All queries end with either a select clause or a group clause. In this example, the select clause is used. It specifies precisely what is obtained by the query. For simple queries, such as in this example, the range value is selected. Therefore, it returns those integers from nums that satisfy the where clause. In more sophisticated situations, it is possible to finely tune
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Status bar
his section describes troubleshooting techniques for Presentation Server. It includes sections on troubleshooting the Independent Management Architecture (IMA) service, collecting Citrix technical support information, frequently encountered obstacles, troubleshooting dropped sessions, and known issues.
Then, press OK to create the project. 2. Once the new project is created, the Visual Studio IDE will look like this:
The obvious starting point is the telephone, which is now a digital telephone. Instead of the telephone conversation being analog from the handset to the central office where it becomes digitized, the conversation can be digitized directly at the source and passed digitally all the way through the network to the other end.
Table 10-1. User Feature Comparison (continued)
tions for characteristic impedance are somewhat loose for making precision measurements in twisted-pair cable. This is one of the serious design challenges that test equipment manufacturers have had to face in providing accurate measurements in the 20 100 MHz range. It is worth noting that even with these inherent sources of error, these measurements, when used in conjunction with other measurements, give the user useful information on the condition of the cable.
Choose an option from the Remove drop-down menu. For photos of people, the Gaussian Blur option works well. If you re sharpening a photo of a landscape, choose the Lens Blur option. Click OK to sharpen the image.
to the number of bands into which the frequency is divided. Threeway speakers use three drivers, each handling a different range of frequencies. Woofers handle the low frequencies, midranges handle the middle frequencies, and tweeters handle the high frequencies. A 4-way speaker is not necessarily better than a 2-way speaker, however. Also impacting on the speaker s performance are the speaker drivers, cabinet, and the parts of the crossover.
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