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Thus we have learned that the area of A =
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ciscoasa(config)# access-list ACL_ID standard {permit | deny} IP_addr mask ciscoasa(config)# access-list ACL_ID extended {permit | deny} udp src_IP_addr src_mask dst_IP_addr dst_mask ciscoasa(config)# interface physical_if_name ciscoasa(config-if)# igmp access-group ACL_ID
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The output of the command is fairly readable: there were four echo requests from the machine and four replies from the appliance (the last two sets were omitted from the output). To turn off the debug for ICMP, preface the preceding command with the no parameter: no debug icmp trace; or you could use the undebug all or no debug all commands.
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4. For your smaller segments, take one of these newly created subnets and apply a different, more appropriate, subnet mask to it. 5. Write down your newly subnetted subnets. 6. For even smaller segments, go back to step 4 and repeat this process. Actually, you can take a subnetted subnet and subnet it again! With this process, you can come up with a very efficient addressing scheme to accommodate addressing needs in your network. Here s an example: Assume that you have a Class C network ( and three LAN segments one with 120 hosts, one with 60 hosts, and one with 30 hosts. Assume that subnet 0 is valid. In steps 1 and 2, you find the largest segment and an appropriate subnet mask for it. This would be the segment with 120 hosts. To accommodate the 120 hosts, you would need a subnet mask of If you recall from 7, a /25 subnet mask is in decimal, and with a Class C network, this provides for two subnets with 126 host addresses each. In step 3, write down the newly created subnets: and You ll assign the first subnet to the large LAN segment. You now have two segments left: 60 and 30 hosts. Again, start with the larger segment first. Next, perform step 4. Which subnet mask is appropriate for 60 devices If you guessed /26 (, then you guessed correctly this gives you 62 host addresses. Apply this subnet mask to the original remaining subnet. In step 5, you write down your newly created subnetted subnets by subnetting and Then assign to the segment with 60 devices. This leaves you with one extra subnet. You could easily assign it to this segment, but this segment needs only 30 hosts and the mask has 62 hosts, which is not the most efficient mask. If you want, you can go back to step 4 and repeat the process for this subnet. The subnet mask /27 ( is a subnet mask that results in 30 host addresses, resulting in two more smaller subnets from the original subnet: and In this example, you have one extra subnet remaining that you could use for future growth! As you can see, with VLSM, you can be very efficient in your IP addressing design. You should leave room in each subnet for future growth. For instance, in the preceding example, using a mask of /27 on the subnet creates two more subnets, each with 30 host addresses. If you use this address scheme and the 30-host segment grows, you ll have to go back and re-address a portion of your network, which is not fun.
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Data Storage Devices and Failure Recovery Tools 527 529 533 16.4 536 Constraint 537 539 539 Workflows 540 540
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Miscellaneous C++ Topics
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a. Although cathodic protection will, depending on the current capability of the system, help to minimize straycurrent corrosion when it exists, stray-current corrosion should be controlled by: (1) Minimizing DC and AC electrical leakage levels from electrical products, and (2) The use of a bonding system in accordance with ABYC E-1, Bonding of Direct Current Systems. b. Factors that affect the type and degree of cathodic protection required: (1) Water Velocity Cathodic protection current requirements increase with water velocity past the hull. The current requirements can be as high as 30 times that required in still water. (2) Boat Usage More frequently operated vessels require more cathodic protection than vessels infrequently used. (3) Fresh and Sea Water Current requirements increase with salinity but higher driving potentials are required in fresh water. (4) Deterioration of Protective Coatings Current requirements increase as protective coatings deteriorate. c. The need for a cathodic protection system for metal appendages on nonmetallic hulls may not be justi ed if the metals coupled are galvanically compatible. d. Hull-mounted metallic trim tabs may be electrically isolated from the boat s bonding system to reduce the load on the boat s cathodic protection system, providing the trim tabs are also electrically isolated from their electrical actuating mechanism. If the trim-tab system is connected to the boat s bonding system the cathodic protection system s milliampere rating will have to be increased to provide the additional protection. e. A cathodic protection system shall be capable of inducing and maintaining a minimum negative shift of 200 millivolts in the potential of the composite cathode being protected. f. Since the area relationship of metals in a galvanic cell will affect current density and therefore corrosion rate, the immersed cathodic metal surfaces may be coated to obtain a more favorable anode to cathode area relationship. Coatings shall not contain pigments that will form galvanic couples with the substrate. Coatings on substrate and coatings on surfaces must be able to tolerate alkali generated by the cathodic reaction. g. Impressed-current anodes shall have the words DO NOT PAlNT on a visible surface when installed. NOTE: Anodes are ineffective if painted.
Audio/Video Systems
Applying Texture Fills
lock is placed on the file. To lock a file, use lock( ). These functions provide control for file sharing in network environments. The file to be unlocked is associated with handle. The portion of the file to be unlocked is determined by the starting offset from the beginning of the file and the length. If unlock( ) is successful, 0 is returned. If it is unsuccessful, 1 is returned.
As you can see, Supplement is initialized to the string None by the constructor. There is no way of using the constructor to assign it a different initial value. However, because Supplement is a public field of RemarkAttribute, it can be used as a named parameter, as shown here:
Using Grammatik
6. You don t like your hotel room. Tell this to the concierge and express why.
Section The section is defined as the portion of the link between two repeater functions, or between a repeater and line terminating equipment. Sufficient overhead is allowed to detect and troubleshoot errors on the link between these two points (STE). Line The line overhead provides sufficient information to detect and troubleshoot problems between two pieces of Line Terminating Equipment (LTE). Path The Path Overhead provides sufficient overhead to detect and troubleshoot problems between the end-to-end path terminating Pieces of Equipment (PTE).
(23). Remember a few examples of UDP applications, along with their assigned port numbers: DNS queries (53), RIP (520), SNMP (161), and TFTP (69).
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