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For the reasons mentioned above, many telephone companies are installing fiber from their central offices to neighborhoods. At those neighborhood locations a splitter can be used on each twisted-pair termination to separate voice and data channels. Voice can be amplified and placed back into existing copper bundles or the DLC RT infrastructure, while DSL modem data can be aggregated via the use of a digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM) for transmission via a fiberoptic cable to the central office, where it again bypasses the normal voice network. Another option being used by some telephone companies involves replacing their existing copper links into a neighborhood with optical fiber that is then used for both voice and data communications. In this networking environment a multiplexer is used to digitize each voice channel and to aggregate both voice and data from subscribers for transmission to the central office, where voice and data are separated from one another. Figure 7.7 illustrates one example of the emerging telephone company wiring infrastructure. In this example the multiplexers located within each neighborhood are shown supporting both voice and data from the neighborhood to the central office. In examining Figure 7.7, note that the fiber trunk replaces a relatively long backhaul use of twisted-pair copper wire. Because DSL operations
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There are three kinds of picture in picture scenarios possible in-mux synchronous PIP, out-of-mux synchronous PIP, and out-of-mux asynchronous PIP. The in-mux synchronous PIP is typically used for director s commentary or similar applications. Both video streams are multiplexed together into a single transport stream and play from the disc. Using this scenario, the primary and secondary videos are locked to the same time clock when presented on the screen. The two out-of-mux PIP options do not require the secondary video to be multiplexed together with the primary video. And, in these scenarios, the secondary video does not have to live on the same disc. The PIP stream could be made available as a download to a BDLive (Profile 2) player. A typical scenario would require the player to use a network connection to download the PIP stream to the local storage in the player. Once the download is completed, an application on the disc would recognize the stream and use the Virtual File System (VFS) to bind the new stream into the disc so it becomes available for the viewer (more information on VFS is presented later in this chapter). The fact that the stream is not on the disc will be transparent to the viewer. With the out-of-mux synchronous approach, the application is identical to the in-mux scenario where the context of the secondary video is tied to the context of the primary video. Hence, they both have to be tied to the same clock. However, the out-of-mux scenario allows a commentary to be made available after the disc has been finished. For instance, with release windows for home entertainment getting shorter all the time, it may not be possible to record a director s commentary in time for the production of the disc. By relying on the out-of-mux option, this commentary can be produced after the disc shipped and then made available through a network download by the player (given that this option is authored into the initial disc). In the out-of-mux asynchronous case, the out-of-mux PIP stream is not tied to the primary video. Instead, user interaction can determine when the PIP stream is played. Imagine a question and answer component on a disc: during playback of the feature, the viewer has the option to ask various questions to the creators of the movie. The answers will be displayed as a PIP commentary stream. Since it is up to the viewer when a question is asked, the PIP stream cannot be synchronized to the primary video. With the asynchronous PIP, such an application scenario is possible. However, as in the out-of-mux synchronous case, the data cannot be played off the disc. Instead, it must be stored in the local storage area of the player.
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Mixer Design
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5. Convert the ERD shown in Figure 6.CP5 into tables. List the conversion rules used and the re sulting changes to the tables.
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his chapter covers a feature of C# whose name usually takes programmers by surprise: unsafe code. Unsafe code often involves the use of pointers. Together, unsafe code and pointers enable C# to be used to create applications that one might normally associate with C++: high-performance, systems code. Moreover, the inclusion of unsafe code and pointers gives C# capabilities that are lacking in Java. Also covered in this chapter are nullable types, partial class and partial method definitions, and fixed-size buffers. The chapter concludes by discussing the few keywords that have not been covered by the preceding chapters.
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TABLE 15-3
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OSPF Operation
First, ch is initialized to null. The while loop then checks to see if ch is not equal to A. Because ch was initialized to null, the test is true and the loop begins. Each time you press a key, the condition is tested again. Once you enter an A, the condition becomes false because ch equals A, and the loop terminates. Like for loops, while loops check the test condition at the top of the loop, which means that the body of the loop will not execute at all if the condition is false to begin with. This feature may eliminate the need to perform a separate conditional test before the loop. The pad( ) function provides a good illustration of this. It adds spaces to the end of a string to fill the string to a predefined length. If the string is already at the desired length, no spaces are added.
Related Properties
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the following: EIA/TIA-232, EIA/TIA-449, EIA/TIA-530, V.35, and X.25. The connection between the two CSU/DSUs is a channelized connection; it can be a fractional T1/E1 that has a single or multiple time slots, a full T1/E1 (a T1 has 24 time slots and an E1 has 30 usable time slots), or a DS3 (a T3 is clocked at 45 Mbps and an E3 is clocked at 34 Mbps).
In physics, mechanics deals with the application of forces to physical objects. The objects can be solids or fluids. For example, understanding how air flows around an airplane wing involves mechanics, as does understanding the path of a baseball when struck with a bat. Biomechanics is the branch of biophysics that deals with the application of forces to biological objects. Biomechanics includes studying such things as
production and development depends on how the company is organized. For example, the development team could be independent of the production team, reporting to a development manager. That s how it was when I first got a job as a programmer at Electronic Arts (EA). I had a producer, but he was actually on another floor of the building, and I felt my primary responsibility was to my development manager. On the other hand, the developers could be directly under the producer, so they re all part of the same team. In that case, the tug-of-war between creativity and pragmatism (or between art and business, if you like) is more likely to be a matter of individual viewpoints than part of a collective attitude.
Object markers Offset slider
Fig. 7.1 Alternating Voltage/Current
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