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Figure 2.37 Simplified structure of a quadrature modulator using a DAC.
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ISACA audit guidelines contain information that helps the auditor understand how to apply ISACA audit standards. These guidelines are a series of articles that clarify the meaning of the audit standards. They cite specific ISACA IS audit standards and COBIT controls, and provide specific guidance on various audit activities. ISACA audit guidelines also provide insight into why each guideline was developed and published. The full text of these guidelines is available at
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When the program is run, the following output is displayed:
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Router Area 1
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Graphs of y = sec x and y = csc x.
Casting Incompatible Types
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TDM: Circuit Bonding
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It did not take long before the user began to demand better efficiency of the T1 line. Therefore, a newer technique is used called Bipolar (or binary) 8 Zero Substitution . With B8ZS, the CSU is responsible for substituting a long string of zeros, eight at a time, with a fictitious 8 bits to meet the demands of the line synchronization, while at the same time allowing the receiving device to recognize that 8 zeros were originally sent. The B8ZS inserts a bit pattern of 0001 1011, easily satisfying the demands of the synchronization plan. By inserting these bits, the 4th and the 7th bits will be set as violations to the bipolar rule ( alternate mark inversion [AMI]). Receiving a bit pattern of 0001 1011 with a bipolar violation in positions 4 and 7 are recognized as a flag that 8 zeros were intended. Therefore, the receiving CSU will strip off the fictitious word and reinsert all zeros to the receiving device. This allows for clear-channel 64 Kbps data transmission. The B8ZS is shown in Figure 26-9 .
The stream Stream classes Console I/O File I/O Read and write binary data Random-access files Convert numeric strings
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