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In the American legal experience, privacy protections have followed two basic pathways depending on whether the source of the privacy intrusion is a governmental or private-sector activity. By this point, you have learned much about privacy: 12 discussed privacy in general terms, 13 surveyed
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Ideally, the market segments should be identified early in the development process. As you will see in 4, market segments help you tailor deployment choices. Failure to agree on the target users or segment can quickly derail your project. As an example, a mid-sized maintenance supply company started out with a very clear scope: to enable senior marketing people to track monthly gross margin and sales by product, time, and region. They wanted a highly graphical tool with a dashboard. They selected a leading OLAP database and visualization tool, at the time a good decision for this user segment. At some point, field sellers voiced their information requirements. Field sellers needed a different level of detail than the senior marketing people, requiring daily sales figures down to the customer and order number. They didn t want graphics; they needed the detail numbers in a tabular report. Field sellers are a different user segment than senior marketing people, with different needs. Unfortunately, the scope of this project was not well managed. The right tools were used for the wrong applications and user segments. Neither user segment was satisfied with the end product. Although the project had strong business sponsorship and was driven by business goals, it failed because the target user group was not well understood. If the market segments had been clearly defined at the project scoping stage, the project manager would have recognized the diverse needs and could have either declared the requirements out of scope or more appropriately matched the solution with each user segment.
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Distribute Hot Keys
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1. Create a file called Bubble.cs. 2. The bubble sort gets its name from the way it performs the sorting operation. It uses the
Chemistry: Matter and Change 4
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MATHEMATICA software, 203 MATHLAB/SIMULINK software, 563 MATLAB software, 111, 203 Matthews, Gary, 537 Mean squared error minimization, 413 416 Mechanical advantage, equivalent springs and, 340 341, 340f Mechanical ef ciency, damping and, 345 346 Mechanical locking devices, in MEMS, 516 520, 517f, 518f, 519f Mechanical shock (impact force), 219, 400 406 Melting practices, wear and, 302 MEMS. See Microelectromechanical systems Metalworking, 302 303 Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) analog computing devices and, 494 applications for, 506 507, 510 511 cams in, 514 521 actuators for, 521 524 compliant mechanisms, 511, 511f, 513 514 friction and wear in, 525 526 manufacturing processes, 508 510, 509f, 510f materials for, 507 508 mechanical structures in, 511 514 size of, 506 Microelectronic Center of North Carolina, 509 Micromachines. See Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) Micromachining, 508 510, 509f, 510f Micromotors electrostatic, 522 523, 522f, 523f electrostatic comb drive, 523, 524f microindexing, 514, 515f microvibromotor, 520 521, 521f Sandia microengine, 524, 525f Microsystems technology (MST). See Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) Microvibromotor, 520 521, 521f Mineral oil, as lubricant, 278, 278t Misalignment contact stresses and, 258 259, 258f, 259f sources and effects of, 24, 294 vibration and, 359 Mixed-lubrication regime, 273, 273f Model(s) and modeling of damping, 342 348 dry (Coulomb) friction, 344 345 equivalent dampers, 346 348 mechanical ef ciency, 345 346 values in, determining, 342 343
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Customer premises equipment (CPE)
Fiber-Optic Multiplexers
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i.Link by Sony. Note that the DV format is only for recording; it is not intended for playback at the user stage. Many professional digital cameras use the miniDV cassette. One such camera is the Canon XL1 (Figure 14 - 5, courtesy of Canon U.S.A.). The advantage of the miniDV format is that cheaper prosumer cameras, such as the Canon Optura shown in Figure 14 - 5 (courtesy of Canon U.S.A.) also use this cassette. This means that you can get a professional team to shoot the footage on the more expensive XL1, and transfer for editing using a much cheaper camera. Transfer of the digital video to a computer storage device is done either by taking an analog signal out from the camera and digitizing it (not the best way), or using the IEEE 1394 connection that all of these cameras have. The cable takes the video le directly to hard disk without the need to convert from analog to digital. When choosing a camera for your company, make sure it comes equipped with an IEEE 1394 cable to connect to your computer (which, obviously, must be chosen to have an IEEE 1394 input port), and that it can be computer-controlled by brand-name software. Premiere and Final Cut Pro, the most advanced digital editing software packages, both support control of cameras by IEEE 1394 cables.
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