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flow of activity that turns service level agreements between IT and end users into objectives and, finally, into metrics that allow IT to monitor compliance. Within the IT management environment (see Figure 29.3), objectives should be considered for managing all components: device, desktop, system, and network monitoring and analysis. The metrics to measure success in these areas usually concern the applications and databases that contain the information end users require for business transactions. Metrics also relate directly to systems management, measuring the computing power and storage capacity required by applications and databases. Finally, metrics for network monitoring and analysis allow IT to measure the health of the network and its ability to deliver reliable, responsive business information. Figure 29.4 shows how the service level agreements filter down to deliverables for IT through metrics for network applications, databases, systems, and the network. This chapter focuses on network issues.
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// Use dynamic with reflection. using System; using System.Reflection; class DynRefDemo { static void Main() { Assembly asm = Assembly.LoadFrom("MyClass.dll"); Type[] all = asm.GetTypes(); // Find the DivBy class. int i; for(i = 0; i < all.Length; i++) if(all[i].Name == "DivBy") break; if(i == all.Length) { Console.WriteLine("DivBy not found in assembly."); return; } Type t = all[i]; // Now, find the default constructor. ConstructorInfo[] ci = t.GetConstructors(); int j; for(j = 0; j < ci.Length; j++) if(ci[j].GetParameters().Length == 0) break; if(j == ci.Length) { Console.WriteLine( Default constructor not found. ); return; } // Create a DivBy object dynamically. dynamic obj = ci[j].Invoke(null); // Now, invoke methods on obj by name. This is legal because // obj is of type dynamic, and the calls to the methods are
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Presenting Pre-audit Results
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Quality of Service and Protection
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Telephone and/or workstations n
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Once you ve created the two contexts, you ll need to go into them (changeto context command) and configure the two sets of addresses (active and standby) for each data interface. The command to do this is the same used when configuring active/standby, except that you must be in a context to execute it:
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Do I have to use CtxCreateSigningCert to create the signing/validation certificates In most cases, no. After a successful configuration of the Password Manager Service using the Service Configuration tool, the signing and validation certificates are created automatically. The only case where you would create a new signing/validation certificate pair is when you want to sign the data using a new certificate pair. You would need a new certificate pair if the certificate expires or is compromised. How do I enable Data Integrity on an environment that already has been established as a non-Data Integrity deployment Follow these steps: 1. Sign the data with the Signing tool from the Password Manager Service machine. More information on using the Signing tool can be found in the Password Manager Administrator s Guide. 2. Configure and run discovery on the console. The console should automatically recognize that the data on the central store is signed and prompts the user to enter the Password Manager Service URI. 3. Modify the installation of the agent to enable Data Integrity by selecting the Data Integrity feature and entering the URI of the Password Manager Service machine.
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we will discuss the different types of fiber that can be used in an optical transmission system, how light flows down and through each type of fiber and the advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of each , type of fiber. Because it is important to understand the transmission characteristics of light as it flows into and through a fiber we will also exam, ine many terms associated with light distribution in a fiber. Other topics covered in 3 include a brief introduction to the increased transmission capacity of a fiber through wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM).
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The transfer function (an admittance) is H( ) = CR 2 1 B R B CR B (R A + R B ) + L 1 + J ( 2 LC(R A + R B ) R B )
by Mannix O Connor The IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring standard (RPR) defines a new media access control (MAC) to accesses ring topologies using the resilient packet ring (RPR) protocol. RPR is intended to be used in metropolitan/regional area networks (MAN) and wide are a networks (WAN) for efficient transfer of data packets at rates scalable to multiple Gigabits per second. The main features of RPR include:
Common UDP Port Names and Numbers
Roles and responsibilities The employment agreement should define the employee s roles and responsibilities, as well as the responsibilities of the employer. This will be similar to what is found in the job description. Confidentiality The employee agrees to keep all company secrets confidential, even after termination of employment. Compliance The employee must agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as with all organization policies. The employment agreement should state the consequences of failing to comply with laws, regulations, and policies. Termination The employment agreement should include the conditions and circumstances by which the organization or the employee can sever the agreement.
Difference between C O U N T ( * ) and C O U N T ( D I S T I N C T Access: column) not supported by
Battery Discharging and Charging Cycle
5. Register the receiver at west.citrix.com. The receiver receives the propagated deferred transactions sent by the propagator from other master sites.
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