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The object passed to arg is automatically passed to the thread s entry point method. Thus, to pass an argument to a thread, you pass it to Start( ). To make use of the parameterized version of Start( ), you must use the following form of the Thread constructor: public Thread(ParameterizedThreadStart entryPoint) Here, entryPoint is the name of the method that will be called to begin execution of the thread. Notice in this version, the type of entryPoint is ParameterizedThreadStart rather than ThreadStart, as used by the preceding examples. ParameterizedThreadStart is a delegate that is declared as shown here: public delegate void ParameterizedThreadStart(object arg) As you can see, this delegate takes an argument of type object. Therefore, to use this form of the Thread constructor, the thread entry point method must have an object parameter. Here is an example that demonstrates the passing of an argument to a thread:
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Figure 11-9
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Here s what Brad said: I decided to use a combination. The summary statistics that I planned to attach would be organized by category. For the report itself, I decided to start with a PAR paragraph, followed by Q&A. I thought it would work well.
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Customer 1s C-VLANs 1, 2, and 40 are encapsulated (double-tagged) in S-VLAN 10. Customer 1s C-VLAN 18 is translated (single-tagged) into S-VLAN 11. A frame tagged with any other C-VID received from customer 1 is discarded. Customer 2s odd-numbered C-VLANs are encapsulated in S-VLAN 20. Customer 2s even-numbered C-VLANs are encapsulated in S-VLAN 21.
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E X A M P L E 4.28
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Tips and Tricks
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// This program demonstrates a block of code. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a, b; cout << "Enter first number: "; cin >> a; cout << "Enter second number: "; cin >> b; if(a < b) { cout << "First number is less than second.\n"; cout << "Their difference is: " << b-a; } return 0; }
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num: 1 num after turning on bit zero: 1 num: 2 num after turning on bit zero: 3 num: 3 num after turning on bit zero: 3
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Installing Root Certificates on the ICA Win32/64 Clients
AC input
Part I:
ATM Switch
The Movement Toward Fiber Optic Networks
Print Calibration Bar
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