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You can OR together as many flags as you like in a single call. For example, you can change the program so that only one call is made to setf( ) by ORing together scientific and showpos, as shown here.
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Figure 2.16 A single-sideband
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Figure 21.4 Coaxial cable. In its simplest form coaxial cable will have a single shield around a center conductor. Multiple outer shields can be used for further improvement in field isolation and high-frequency performance. (Courtesy Mohawk/CDT)
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Some of the most common problems revolve around licensing, such as when servers will not accept product licenses. If problems occur with version and edition compatibility with installed licenses, connect to the AMC, right-click the server, and select All Tasks| Set Server Edition. Verify that the appropriate edition is set for each server that corresponds to the license version purchased. Additional problems related to the ability of the XenApp server to acquire a license on behalf of a client require analysis of Windows event logs and of license server logs. Check the current version of the Citrix Access Suite Licensing Guide for detailed information.
follow-up or a questionnaire. Be specific; ask if the pay program is competitive. Analyze turnover rates to ensure that high-performing personnel are staying and low-performing personnel are departing.
What are the most significant nonConsistent scientific evidence has gynecological causes of chronic pelvic pain shown that interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic coccygeal or back pain, and depression may cause or exacerbate chronic pelvic pain What is the relationship between chronic pelvic pain and involvement of more than one organ system Pain is more severe when more than one organ system is involved. Women with chronic pain are more often found to have dysmenorrhea and dyspareunia compared to the general population. The severity of pain is greater in women who have gastrointestinal or urologic symptoms in addition to the chronic pelvic pain About 40 50% of women with chronic pelvic pain have a history of some form of abuse. A direct causal relationship and mechanism to chronic pelvic pain has not been established Somatization, opiate abuse, depression Known as peripartum pelvic pain syndrome, this is a musculoskeletal source of pain that manifests in women with lumbar lordosis, delivery of a large infant, muscle weakness and poor physical conditioning, a difficult delivery, vacuum or forceps delivery, and use of gynecologic stirrups for delivery
NOTE This Ranking function works only on the rows within the local document, so it is a ranking
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