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S4.02 W24 55 [23]
Business Objects refers to objects that contain prompts as interactive objects. Each time a user accesses an interactive object, BusinessObjects XI prompts the user for additional information that you, as the designer, build into the object. Prompts can be useful but also annoying if the user always wants the same values. For example, if a user always wants current year data, it can be aggravating if the object prompts the user for the year each time the user refreshes the query. In such a case, the user is better off placing a fixed condition in a report. Objects with prompts should be reserved for items in which some sort of condition is required either to limit the number of rows returned or to guarantee correct results. In 9, Figure 9-2, you looked at the risk of constructing a query that involved a single point in time (for semi-additive measures such as account balance, ending inventory, number of customers) and a period of time (debits and credits; movements in and out; customers acquired). One way to ensure users select one point in time for semi-additive measures is to prompt users to enter an individual date whenever they select month-end inventory, as shown in Figure 11-2. (It would be wrong to put the prompt on the Day object, because it would prevent users from analyzing movements in and out for more than one day.) Notice in Figure 11-2 that the object or TABLE.COLUMN in the SELECT portion of the SQL can be different than the TABLE.COLUMN in the WHERE clause. In the preceding figure, the DEBIT_CREDIT.BALANCE is used in the select, but Day is used in the WHERE clause. Because these two columns can be different, the format types also may be different. The Balance object uses the Type=Number, yet the @Prompt uses D to indicate that the prompt answer will be in date format. Prompts are added in the WHERE clause of a new or existing
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As mentioned, PLINQ is a large subsystem. Part of its size is due to the flexibility that it provides. PLINQ offers many other features that help you tailor or manage a parallel query so it best fits the demands of your situation. Here are a few examples. You can specify the maximum number of processors that will be allocated to a query by calling WithDegreeOfParallelism( ). You can request that a portion of a parallel query be executed sequentially by calling AsSequential( ). If you don t want to block the calling thread waiting for results from a foreach loop, you can use the ForAll( ) method. All of these methods are defined by ParallelEnumerable. To override cases in which PLINQ would default to sequential execution, you can use the WithExecutionMode( ) method, passing in ParallelExecutionMode.ForceParallelism.
This defining equation for the derivative is called d y / d x , where the d notation indicates the limit of Ay/& , or y' , or f' . For the quadratic, we have the following: (x)
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