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Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Deployment
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Typography Rules and Conventions
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Another key differentiator that is not always clear when evaluating different thin clients is how they are managed. Most manufacturers have developed or purchased their own proprietary management software that can monitor the terminals and report errors as well as provide software updates via automatic download on bootup. Additionally, some manufacturers provide hooks to integrate the terminals into a management framework, such as HP OpenView. Manufacturer-supplied software can work as long as it is sufficiently scalable to handle the network infrastructure in your company. If it can t, consider a solution that integrates into a management framework. At the very least, the terminal should send SNMP messages and supply an MIB for your management software. Although the key point of a thin client is to keep the desktop simple and reduce desktop administration costs to zero, a certain amount of administrative overhead is associated with a thin client (updating the Citrix client every six months, for example). Therefore, a thin client with good management software can further reduce administrative costs. Wyse, HP, and Neoware all have remote management software packages that
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The Concurrent Collections
HTTP. In fact, the first line in the request is nearly identical to a standard HTTP request. Here is the request fully written out:
Introduction to Integrated Services Digital Network
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The output is shown here:
// Demonstrate the Stack class. using System; using System.Collections; class StackDemo { static void ShowPush(Stack st, int a) { st.Push(a); Console.WriteLine("Push(" + a + ")"); Console.Write("stack: "); foreach(int i in st) Console.Write(i + " "); Console.WriteLine(); } static void ShowPop(Stack st) { Console.Write("Pop -> "); int a = (int) st.Pop(); Console.WriteLine(a); Console.Write("stack: "); foreach(int i in st) Console.Write(i + " "); Console.WriteLine(); } static void Main() { Stack st = new Stack(); foreach(int i in st) Console.Write(i + " "); Console.WriteLine(); ShowPush(st, 22); ShowPush(st, 65); ShowPush(st, 91); ShowPop(st); ShowPop(st); ShowPop(st);
Fig. 8.17
Relational Database Design UnivTable4 depicts a table in 3NF but not in B C N F according to the first exception (part (Figure 7.4) has two candidate keys: the
Here we see an important result a purely capacitive load is lossless when the power delivered is sinusoidal. This means that there is zero average power. Looking at the instantaneous power, we see that it s a pure sinusoid, meaning that power goes positive and negative. In other words, power ows back and forth from the source to the capacitor. This is why we refer to a capacitor as a reactive component. A rule of thumb to remember is that capacitors create or generate reactive power. In contrast, inductors absorb reactive power. Loads tend to be inductive, so a corrective capacitor is often included in parallel with the power source to maximize the power delivered to the load. To see this, consider the circuit shown in Fig. 10-7 and studied in Example 10-1, in which we found the power factor to be a measly 0.1. This time we will insert a capacitor in parallel with the voltage source before delivering power to the load. A capacitor used in this way is called a power corrective or shunt capacitor. What value should be used for the capacitance to maximize the power factor First, we need to compute the impedance of the circuit including the capacitor. Remember, for a capacitor we have X= 1 j C
The general form of a call to strlen( ) is strlen(s); where s is a string. The strlen( ) function returns the length of the string pointed to by s. The following program will print the length of a string entered from the keyboard:
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