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class Building { public int Floors; // number of floors public int Area; // total square footage of building public int Occupants; // number of occupants } // This class declares an object of type Building. class BuildingDemo { static void Main() { Building house = new Building(); // create a Building object int areaPP; // area per person // Assign values to fields in house. house.Occupants = 4; house.Area = 2500; house.Floors = 2; // Compute the area per person. areaPP = house.Area / house.Occupants; Console.WriteLine("house has:\n " + house.Floors + " floors\n " + house.Occupants + " occupants\n " + house.Area + " total area\n " + areaPP + " area per person"); } }
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Real-World Chemistry
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effect of number of molecules on the number of distributions, on the total number of permutations, and on the number of distributions that can be ignored.
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Source route bridges. Source route bridges (Table 2.10 and Figure 2.14) are TokenRing devices that use a feature of the Token-Ring protocol to route traffic between rings. In Figure 2.14, source routing would be used to communicate between a station on ring 1 and a station on ring 3. Note that if there is a lot of traffic like this, ring 2 is going to get fairly busy just passing traffic between rings 1 and 3. Source route bridges are fairly easy to install and configure compared to a router. Source routing is limited to 7 hops (ring transits). If your network is that large, you should consider buying a router or a Token-Ring LAN switch. Routers. Routers (Figure 2.15) are the workhorses of the public and private internetworks today. They link different subnetworks using the Network layer address, typically IP but sometimes IPX. They use routing protocols (OSPF, RIP, IGRP) to communicate with one another, to keep routing tables up to date, and make decisions
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Writing a Laboratory Report
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form large conglomerate telecommunications companies. Upgrading such systems with ber-optic technology and replacing coaxial and copper wire trunk has increased the communication capacity. The upstream reverse system can be a simple straightforward node to hub/headend or a more complicated node to a sub-hub and then to the main hub point. Many manufacturers and cable operators have and/ or offer several elaborate upstream systems. Figure 4-21 illustrates the node-to-hub system concept. If the return system consists of digitally modulated optical carriers, the digital circuitry at the hub/headend must decode the digital data stream and assemble the data packets to be sent to the desired destination. If the return data is collected on sub-band RF carriers, the whole sub-band can be transmitted on an optical return carrier. This may be simpler than demodulating the return carriers, assembling a high-speed return signal, and transmitting back to the hub/headend as a digital optical signal. Cable systems considering such system enhancements should do a comprehensive survey of available return system components from the various manufacturers. 4.213 Many cable television systems in urban or suburban areas are fortunate to have large apartment or condominium complexes, known
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The auto-start parameter will automatically download the JavaScript code and port forwarding rules when the user logs in using clientless mode; the enable parameter requires users to manually start port forwarding from the home portal once they log in. Here s an example that associates the port forwarding rules in the example from the last section to a group policy:
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1. Observing and Inferring Why were the excess reagents not put back into the original
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Focus first on C, and have the learner define a clear goal for the coaching, one that is precise, measurable, and stated in positive terms rather than negative language. For example, To be less anxious at work is imprecise, difficult to measure, and negatively phrased and should be rephrased as, for example, To feel consistently confident when I present project reports in front of the
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When you think of durability, you probably think of metals first. However, some of the newer plastics offer many advantages over metals when it comes to building robots for competition.
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As the output demonstrates, a catch for DivideByZeroException won t catch an IndexOutOfRangeException.
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You Try It: The standard formula for the surface area of a cone is S = r h2 + r 2 . Derive this formula by the method of Example 8.24. We may also consider the area of a surface obtained by rotating the graph of a function about the y-axis. We do so by using y as the independent variable. Here is an example: EXAMPLE 8.25
Define f : {s : s 0} {t : t 0} by the formula f ( s) = s 2 . Find f 1 .
Clearly, one of the primary prospective uses for DVD-R media is archiving and storing of large amounts of data. Many manufacturers have performed their own testing and produced estimates of the lifespans of the media by subjecting discs to a variety of conditions including intense light, heat, humidity, and shock. As is the case with recordable CD media as well, little independent testing has been performed, so interpreting manufacturer s test results requires a slightly jaundiced approach and some healthy skepticism. Some manufacturers of DVD-R equipment, such as Pioneer, who may brand recordable discs from other OEMs, rate media lifespans as better than 100 years. Others project lifespans as being in the range of 80 to 100 years. Either way, the media itself will probably outlive the practical lifespan of the playback equipment, which may be obsolete and impossible to nd in as little as 20 years. Archiving programs that involve digital media should include a system for updating the stored contents to more recent media types on a periodic basis. Fortunately, since there is no loss of data integrity involved when transferring volumes of digital information, data can be easily re-archived on new media and re-stored an in nite number of times. As long as there applications available that can read the original le formats, and equipment to accept the media, the preserved data can be read.
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