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2. Create a file called FileHelp.cs. 3. Begin creating the new Help class with these lines of code: class Help { string helpfile; // name of help file public Help(string fname) { helpfile = fname; }
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If you connect a sensor to a fence gate, you can keep the wires out of sight and out of the elements by running the wire through a hollow fence post or support.
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IP Address Lets you specify an IP address range or network address and subnet mask.
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The complementary program DTOS will read any text file and display the contents on the screen. You must specify the name of the file on the command line.
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Debris accumulation in bridge openings may result in the following: Substantially block a bridge opening, and depending upon the size of debris accumulation, the waterway opening area is reduced Hydraulically, reduction in area will increase velocities under the bridge and contraction scour. Cause overtopping Cause failure of roadway embankments because of increased local scour at piers and/or abutments.
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When you take a photo of a person or landscape, you have a static subject, and lighting and composition become your main concerns. However, when you want to use your digital camera to take pictures of people or objects in motion, you have different challenges. In addition to dealing with lighting and composition, you have to portray motion in your images. In this chapter, you ll learn several techniques for capturing motion with your digital camera.
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Device Management Tab
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address that was moved to the devices new network segment.
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Notice that posNums is specified as the collection being iterated over. When the foreach executes, the rules defined by the query specified by posNums are executed. With each pass through the loop, the next element returned by the query is obtained. The process ends when there are no more elements to retrieve. In this case, the type of the iteration variable i is explicitly specified as int because this is the type of the elements retrieved by the query. Explicitly specifying the type of the iteration variable is fine in this situation, since it is easy to know the type of the value selected by the query. However, in more complicated situations, it will be easier (or, in some cases, necessary) to implicitly specify the type of the iteration variable by using var.
cert If both peers support certificates and the use of certificates is negotiated during Phase 1, then certificates will be used; otherwise pre-shared keys will be used. nocheck req
4.4 4.4
The Preprocessor and Comments
To illustrate the configuration of static PAT or PAR translation policies, I ll use the network shown in Figure 5-20. The following configuration shows the appliance configuration for PAR:
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
A key piece of data to be tracked by this app is the date.
The potential energy falls off with the cube of the distance r3 as com-
60. The area under the curve f (x) = x 3/2 , above the x-axis, and over the interval [2, ), is equal to (a) 4 (b) 1/2 (c) 2 (d) 2 (e)
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