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Figure 5-13 This shows the setting of the thresholds for the current KPI. Note that the developer can type in the values or drag the sliders to adjust the values.
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his chapter covers the principles you should keep in mind. These are meant to minimize confusion in building the model and in using it. Remember, the confusion you avoid may be your own.
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{ THE FOUNDATION OF C++ int target, source; int *m; source = 10; m = &source; target = *m; printf("%d", target); return 0; }
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Self-Preservation Subtype Twos deny their own needs for protection while at the same time trying to attract others who will provide exactly that for them. Drawing others to them in the same way that children do that is, by being appealing and appearing to be without guile self-preservation Twos are also ambivalent about close relationships and less trusting than social subtype or one-to-one subtype Twos. Social Subtype Twos focus on helping groups more than individuals and are more intellectually oriented and comfortable being in visibly powerful positions than individuals of the other two subtype variations. Social subtype Twos are less concerned with how specific individuals respond to them and more focused on group-level reactions, which is a result of their desire to stand above the crowd in some way. One-to-One Subtype Twos are primarily oriented to individual relationships and meeting the needs of important people and partners. They try to attract specific individuals as a way of getting their needs met that is, they feel they have value when chosen by someone important but they are also highly motivated to meet the needs of these individuals as a way of developing and sustaining the relationship.
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Receptacle Y
making the robot turn in the direction of the slower wheel. Variations in between can cause an infinite variety of turns. This type of control is most favored by remote-controlled robots on the battle floor and by promotional robots you might see in advertising. The wheels versus treads controversy has produced a design variation that does not use the free-moving caster illustrated in Figure 3-4, but instead uses a series of side-mounted wheels, similar to the idlers pressing downward on the inside of tank treads. See Figure 3-5. Some or all of the wheels on each side may be powered with a separate motor attached to each wheel, or with each set of wheels on either side interconnected by a single chain or belt drive, and a single motor per side. Yes, this method is not energy efficient for the same reason tank treads eat batteries the front and rear wheels must skid in turns. 13 shows you the construction techniques that were used to build the robot Live Wires. This four-wheeled combat robot was built on two cordless drill motors, one for each of its sides. For safety purposes, two drive sprockets on each drill motor were used with a separate chain going to each of the two racing go-kart wheels on either side of the motor. If one chain was broken, Live Wires still had mobility, and the differential steering capability was left mostly intact. The multi-wheel platform does have an advantage: it can provide a lot of traction with a low-profile robot fitted with small wheels. To achieve this traction, however, the builder should independently spring each wheel a small amount to prevent high-centering, which can occur when the bottom of the robot gets caught on some obstruction, leaving the wheels lifted off the ground. For example, a four-wheel-drive vehicle can get high-centered after driving the front wheels over a large tree. If the vehicle gets stuck on the tree between the wheels, the wheels can t get the traction needed to get off the tree.
Live Mesh is Microsoft s software-plus-services platform and experience that enables PCs and other devices to be aware of each other through the Internet, enabling individuals and organizations to manage, access, and share their files and applications seamlessly on the Web and across their world of devices. Live Mesh has the following components: A platform that defines and models a user s digital relationships among devices, data, applications, and people made available to developers through an open data model and protocols. A cloud service providing an implementation of the platform hosted in Microsoft datacenters. Software, a client implementation of the platform that enables local applications to run offline and interact seamlessly with the cloud. A platform experience that exposes the key benefits of the platform for bringing together a user s devices, files and applications, and social graph, with news feeds across all of these. Microsoft promises an open data model, and developers will be able to help Live Mesh grow through the development of additional applications and services.
In this section you ll take some of what you ve learned in previous sections, combine it with some new techniques covered here, and the result will be a color-corrected photograph as the centerpiece of a travel brochure design. Most of the work has been done for you in Travel brochure.cdr; the steps you ll learn put it all together as a complete solution for your next brochure need. As far as the graphics go, it s simple stuff that s covered in 14
where is the RMS DGD rms is the time sequence calculated by Equation 28.12 a(tn) c is a constant depending on polarization mode coupling nthresh is the index of |a(tn)| given by the noise threshold The constant c depends on the degree of polarization-mode coupling: c = 1 for a ~ simple birefringence with no mode coupling, while c = 3/4 = 0.866 for the limiting case of extensive mode coupling in a long fiber.
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To understand the genesis of the reference, you must understand the theory behind argument passing. In general, there are two ways that a computer language can pass an argument to a subroutine. The first is called call-by-value. This method copies the value of an argument into the formal parameter of the subroutine. Therefore, changes made to the parameters of the subroutine will not affect the arguments used to call it. Call-by-reference is the second way a subroutine can be passed arguments. This method copies the address of an argument (not its value) into the parameter. Inside the subroutine, this address is used to access the actual argument specified in the call. This means that changes made to the parameter will affect the argument used to call the subroutine.
If you are going to use components that require more wires, you can also opt to run 8-wire, 22-gauge security cable. Installation Concerns Wiring for your various sensors and components are home-run from the control panel in your equipment room to the sensors, consoles, sirens, and so forth. However, there are some considerations to be aware of when installing your security cabling. First, be sure you select the most direct route between the equipment room and your sensors, being mindful of any obstacles. For instance, will you need a few extra feet of cabling because you have to negotiate around a heating duct
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Open the image to which you want to apply the zoom blur effect. The image to the left shows a perfect candidate for this effect: a photo of an exotic car. Unfortunately, the foliage and columns distract viewers from the car. Choose Filter | Blur | Radial Blur to open the Radial Blur dialog box. Notice that this dialog box does not have a preview area.
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