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5: More Data Types and Operators
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Your Model-Building Toolbox: F Keys and Ranges
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The steps required to edit, compile, and run a C# program using the Visual Studio 2008 IDE are shown here. These steps assume the IDE provided by Visual C# 2008 Express Edition. Slight differences may exist with other versions of Visual Studio 2008. 1. Create a new, empty C# project by selecting File | New Project. Next, select Empty Project:
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Method void Add(object key, object value) void Clear( ) bool Contains(object key) IDictionaryEnumerator GetEnumerator( ) void Remove(object key)
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Ill 12-3
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{ int i, stime; long ltime; /* get the current calendar time */ ltime = time(NULL); stime = (unsigned int) ltime/2; srand(stime); for(i=0; i<10; i++) printf("%d ", rand()); return 0; }
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As the radio spectrum for cellular and PCS continues to become more congested, the two primary approaches in North America use derivatives of
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Trunk and Extremities
Part I:
programmers will build a small demonstration program (sometimes called a proof of concept) to test out the new ideas. A proof of concept is not a game at all. It s just a demo, often using programmer graphics (old graphic scrap or even just colored dots), that is written to illustrate the correct behavior. The proof of concept is used to show the publisher that the technical issues facing the team are surmountable.
Profiles, Policies, and Procedures
In a bonded system, stray current will be captured by the boat s bonding conductor. Stray current in a through-hull or other accessible underwater mass can be measured with a digital multimeter on the milliamps (mA) setting as shown in Figure 5.24. Disconnect the bonding conductor and place the meter between the end of the conductor and the metal of the through-hull. Current into or out of the throughhull will now ow through the meter. Repeat the test with each tting, as well as the rudder shaft, prop shaft, and strut or shaft log. Remember that current owing from the bonding conductor into the tting, as shown, is causing corrosion of the tting. Current of as little as 1 milliamp is reason for concern as it will, over the 8,766 hours in a year, cause serious damage to the tting.
The device which holds many discs, each of which can be selected and les retrieved over a network is called a jukebox. There are currently
21:00:50 (CITRIX) TCP_NODELAY enabled 21:00:50 (CITRIX) OUT: "CITRIX" USER15@GENE-VM-2K3 [ec26edf8] 21:00:50 (CITRIX) IN: "CITRIX" USER15@GENE-VM-2K3 [ec26edf8] 21:00:50 (CITRIX) OUT: "MPM_ADV_RC" USER15@GENE-VM-2K3 [ec26edf8] <- Agent has checked out a license 21:01:05 (CITRIX) OUT: "MPM_ADV_RC" USER15@GENE-VM-2K3 [ec26edf8] <- Agent has checked out the license with linger time = 1 second (Agent intends to return the license) 21:01:05 (CITRIX) IN: "MPM_ADV_RC" USER15@GENE-VM-2K3 [ec26edf8] 21:01:40 (CITRIX) IN: "MPM_ADV_RC" USER15@GENE-VM-2K3 [ec26edf8]
FIGURE 6.8 Curvature of a curve.
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