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Business Objects provides a sample external strategy file for each database, named as RDBMS.STG. You can edit this file (make a backup copy first!) or change the preceding parameter within the SBO file to reference a different STG filename.
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Appendix D
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// Using using System; class NullableDemo2 {
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Figure 1.4 shows a diagram of the project delivery methodology employed on General Motors highly successful new auto plants. The illustration of the GM delivery method shows a thorough integration of the planning and design activities of the project. The traditional methods would show linear and disconnected graphics for these activities. A collaborative and iterative planning phase will greatly improve certain aspects of the design quality and construction performance for the project. The challenge for building construction will be to let each project team member do what she or he is best at, and to coordinate the whole into a better result. This collaboration will leave the architect responsible for the functioning and aesthetics of the project, while the contractor will ensure that the design is buildable and affordable; clearly early cooperation will be the key to a successful resolution.
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f you are a long-time Business Objects customer and a reader of the original Business Objects: The Complete Reference, then you know that the full client (referred to as BusinessObjects classic in version 6 and earlier or Desktop Intelligence in XI) was the primary authoring interface for more than ten years. With the release of Web Intelligence version 6.0, web-based query and reporting made some inroads. With Web Intelligence XI Release 2, many of the advanced features that only existed in BusinessObjects classic have now been brought to the Web. For this reason, the primary emphasis in this version of the book is on Web Intelligence. Yes, I m putting a stake in the ground that this will become the primary authoring environment for business users, despite the big investments existing customers have made in the full client. Why this shift First and foremost, Web Intelligence is more scalable. The documents are thinner and the services to process them less resource intensive than in Desktop Intelligence. Because the authoring environment is Web-based, usage can be more ubiquitous. Software does not need to be installed on users desktops, nor are users forced to download large plugins. If that weren t reason enough, the Web-based interactivity of these documents (see 19) is something that really puts power into the hands of casual report consumers. Finally, the vendor has made it easy for you to preserve your existing investment by being able to run full client reports as is or optionally to convert them to Web Intelligence (see 5). 18 introduces you to the basic tasks of viewing a document and understanding its structure so that you can more readily navigate its contents. As you view documents, you may need to refresh the data, answer prompts, and later, schedule it.
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On the exterior of the garage we placed a second temperature sensor. This sensor was placed on the underside of the soffit. This keeps the sensor out of the elements and direct sunlight. This sensor is shown in Figure 8-10.
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ing a key. Clean the surfaces of the key and copper anode with steel wool. 2. Wash the key and copper anode with detergent and rinse with tap water. 3. Attach a 5-cm length of bare copper wire to the key. This will serve as a handle for further cleaning and plating.
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The 4-5-6-7 polynomial dwell-rise-dwell cam curve.
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Provided that a > 0, we know that as t , h(t) = e at 0. Therefore this represents an impulse response stable circuit. So if H (s) = which has one simple pole given by s + a = 0, s = a 1 s+a
The fact that the network management has a Graphical User Interface does not mean that it is intuitive or even easy to use. Each vendor has a different approach. The people who use the tool to watch the network don t necessarily understand the interrelationships of all of the protocols and elements that are being managed. The GUI should permit high level management to be easily accomplished, while providing the capability to see deeper into the system as the operators become more sophisticated.
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Console.WriteLine("Here is 10/3: {0:#.##}", 10.0/3.0);
StringComparer is declared in System, and among other interfaces, it implements the IComparer and IComparer<T> interfaces. Thus, an instance of StringComparer can be passed to an IComparer parameter as an argument. StringComparer defines several readonly properties that return an instance of StringComparer and that support various types of string comparisons. They are shown here:
To delete a single ACL statement, preface the statement with the no parameter; note that you must include the entire ACL command when deleting it. To delete an entire ACL or multiple ACLs, use the following command:
Figure 2.1 A bridge structural maintenance owchart.
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