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A VLAN is a group of devices, in the same broadcast domain, that have
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Since 1998, the Sarasota County Detention Center has used an iris recognition system to authenticate the identities of its approximately 750 inmates. As inmates are brought into the detention center, a device scans their irises, and they are enrolled in the system. Currently, the detention center uses the system only to authenticate the inmates when they enter and leave. Within the detention center, inmates use photograph identification cards for internal verification. In the past, inmates would switch cards with those inmates about to be released in an attempt to assume their identity and escape. Since its implementation, the iris recognition system has caught eight inmates trying to escape using switched identities. Another individual who had been arrested by the police was released when the iris scan revealed that he was not the person the police wanted the wanted suspect was a recently released inmate with his iris template still on file. The Sarasota County Detention Center is pleased with the system, which, including implementation, cost less than $10,000 and has already proved its value through the foiled escapes. The iris recognition system takes seconds to verify an individual and provides positive identification at any time. The database has a text section where, for example, information concerning arrest warrants can be maintained. This feature helped the detention center identify an individual in its charge who had three additional outstanding arrest warrants.
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2.1.4 Disadvantages
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IPSec Site-to-Site
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Top-down approach to an audit of business continuity and disaster recovery
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If you don t declare a namespace for your program, then the default global namespace is used. This is why you have not needed to use namespace for the programs in the preceding chapters. Although the global namespace is convenient for the short, sample programs found in this book, most real-world code will be contained within a declared namespace. The main reason for encapsulating your code within a declared namespace is that it prevents name conflicts. Namespaces are another tool that you have to help you organize programs and make them viable in today s complex, networked environment.
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Learning Objectives Overview 427 12.1 12.2 427
First, you need to define a standard ACL (access-list command) that will list the EIGRP routes that are permitted and/or denied; note that you are entering network numbers for routes you are not using the standard ACL to filter data traffic. ACLs and their syntax are discussed in more depth in 6. One important item to point out about ACLs, though, is that ACLs on the appliances, unlike IOS routers, use subnet masks, not wildcard masks, to match on ranges of addresses. Within the EIGRP routing process, use the distribute-list command. You can filter traffic in or out of the EIGRP process itself or for a particularly named interface.
Cultivate People Who Feed Your Soul Create a Life Board of Directors You may find this hard to believe, but looking back, it was all a blessing. You see, I needed to have the doors blown off my world to be able to take the leap of faith that was to eventually alter my life, in the best possible way, forever, leading me to my higher purpose and true calling. After a good deal of soul searching and using the exercises and practices I have fine-tuned for you in this book, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I d found my True North, and I was going to move toward it, no matter what or how. More than anything, I wanted to write books and become a professional speaker and trainer. I had a burning passion to travel the world and help change people s lives for the better. I somehow knew deep inside that I could help change the face of corporate training by introducing programs that had substance and soul programs and seminars that would inspire employees who had become complacent and unmotivated to perform at their highest levels and get fired up enough to stand for something in the process. I spent the next 4 years, while still working in PR and corporate training, developing myself as a writer and speaker and preparing myself for the ultimate leap of faith. This was my passion, and I was going to use every ounce of my being to make it happen. This doesn t mean that I didn t make all the typical blunders. I even mentioned to the wrong people that I wanted to change careers and make my living writing books and speaking around the world. You can probably guess their reaction: Well, how do you expect to do that There s no security in that kind of work. Do you know how difficult it will be to get a publishing house to publish your book What will you do for a real job And even when they weren t saying it out loud, they were thinking, Who do you think you are But I wasn t about to let the naysayers lessen me, as I d done so often in the past. I was ready to magnify my soul s intentions, use my gifts to write and speak publicly, and concentrate on my higher purpose. I realized at that moment that if you really want to get fired up about your passion, you have to set yourself on fire! I did this by investing in myself. I attended professional speakers conferences all over the country and paid full fare to watch the best of the best public presenters in the world do their thing. I took notes; I bought their books, watched their videos, and studied their web sites. I contacted speakers bureaus from New York to Tucson inquiring about what it took to get on board. Then I bought every book I could find on how to get published, how to write a book proposal, and how to write a best-seller. But one of the most important things I did was this: I gravitated toward people who were doing what I wanted to do in the public-speaking arena and the publish-
Designing a Voice over IP Network
Jagged arrays are declared by using sets of square brackets to indicate each dimension. For example, to declare a two-dimensional jagged array, you will use this general form: type[ ] [ ] array-name = new type[size][ ]; Here, size indicates the number of rows in the array. The rows, themselves, have not been allocated. Instead, the rows are allocated individually. This allows for the length of each row to vary. For example, the following code allocates memory for the first dimension of jagged when it is declared. It then allocates the second dimensions manually.
[HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\Wds\icawd\Priority] (REG_MULTI_SZ) This key contains one line for each virtual channel in the format: VirtualChannelName,Priority VirtualChannelName is the standard virtual channel abbreviation as specified in the above table. VirtualChannelName must be 7 characters, so trailing spaces must be added before the comma when necessary. Priority is one of the following numeric priority values: 0, 1, 2, 3.
Figure 4-3 A work breakdown structure (WBS) depicts a project s tasks.
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