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TABLE A-4 Institute Polytechnical University of Hagenberg Aarhus University IT University of Copenhagen L.I.S.A.A. L Institut Sup rieur des Arts Appliqu s Otto-von-Guericke University Europe City Hagenberg Aarhus C Copenhagen Paris Magdeburg Sachsen-Anhalt Copenhagen NW Region Upper Austria Country Austria Denmark Denmark France Germany Web Site www.fhs-hagenberg.ac.at www.daimi.au.dk www.itu.dk www.lisaa.com www.computervisualistik.de
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An earlier version of this chapter appeared in John D. Woodward, Jr., Searching the FBI s Civil Files: Public Safety v. Civil Liberty, U.S. Law Week (September 17, 2002): 2183; also published in John D. Woodward, Jr., Searching the FBI s Civil Files: Public Safety v. Civil Liberty, Privacy & Security Law (September 2, 2002): 1042. This chapter is based, in part, on the author s previous RAND research published in John D. Woodward, Jr., Katherine W. Webb, Elaine M. Newton, et al., Army Biometric Applications: Identifying and Addressing Sociocultural Concerns, 133 145 (2001).
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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Electronic Privacy Information Center and Privacy International. 2002. Privacy & Human Rights. http://www.privacyinternational.org/survey/phr2002/. Flaherty, David H. Privacy in Colonial New England. (1972): 87 88. Goldberg, Steve. 1996. Culture Clash: Law and Science in America. New York University Press: 114, 115. Hixson, Richard F. 1987. Privacy in a Public Society: Human Rights in Conflict. Oxford University Press. Katsh, M. Ethan. 1995. Law in a Digital World. Oxford University Press. Lessig, Lawrence. 1999. Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace. New York: Basic Books. OMB (1987) (quotations omitted). Roch, Michael P. Filling the Void of Data Protection in the United States Following the European Example. Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal. 12, no. 71 (1996): 89. Schwartz, Paul M. Privacy and Participation: Personal Information and Public Sector Regulation in the United States. Iowa Law Review. 80, no. 553 (1995): 574 575. Scott, W., and M. Jarnagin. 1868. Treatise Upon the Law of Telegraphs, Appendix. 457 507. New York: Little, Brown & Co. Strauss, Peter L., et al. Gellhorn & Byse s Administrative Law: Cases & Comments. 874 (1995). Tribe, Laurence. The Constitution in Cyberspace: Law and Liberty Beyond the Electronic Frontier. 1991. http://www.epic.org/free_speech/tribe.html. Warren, Samuel D., and Louis D. Brandeis. The Right to Privacy. Harvard Law Review. 193 (1890). Westin, Alan F. 1967. Privacy and Freedom. New York: Atheneum.
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Sketch the graph of the inverse of the function f whose graph is shown in Figure 1.49.
Analyze and Conclude
In the preceding example, RemarkAttribute was initialized by passing the description string to the constructor, using the normal constructor syntax. In this case, the comment parameter to RemarkAttribute( ) is called a positional parameter. This term relates to the fact that the argument is linked to a parameter by its position in the argument list. Thus, the first argument is passed to the first parameter, the second argument is passed to the second parameter, and so on. However, for an attribute, you can also create named parameters, which can be assigned initial values by using their name. In this case, it is the name of the parameter, not its position, that is important.
23.14 Standards Documents
Virtual Base Classes
The umask( ) function returns the previous access permission mask.
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
One part of the solution is a change in IP version 4 that allows for mobile users. This mobile IP process is addressed in RFC 2002, which allows for the registration of home agents and foreign agents. A home agent is a registration process whereby a locally attached computer registers with a server or router and gets entered into the routing table. Based on RFC 2002, a mobile device (either a host or a router) can change locations from place to place without devastating effects. If mobile IP is in use by the device, the mobile device will not change its address when it moves from location to location. Instead, it will use an IP forwarding approach by using an in-care-of obtained from some serving device that knows of its presence. Using the home agent concept, the home agent is a server or router on the home network. The home network maintains the mapping of the mobile device s address to its current address. Think of this in the context of the postal service. If you go on vacation for a month to Phoenix, Arizona, you still need to get your mail (for example, paychecks, bills, etc.). So, before going away, you go to the local post office and tell them to forward all your mail for the next month to Phoenix. The forwarding idea is shown in Figure 23-5 . The postmaster will then make a note on the mailbox where he/she sorts your mail. This note will say to forward all mail to P.O. Box 51108, Phoenix, AZ 85076 1108. So even though people are still sending mail to your address, the post office employees (your home office agents) are handling the forwarding to you, based on the instructions you left behind.
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