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For each year, do a SUM function of the assets side. Make sure you do not include the line for the Surplus funds row (row 2). We want this total for the assets to be the static total the total will not change during the balancing iterations. These are the input rows for the starting (i.e., before the cash sweep) debt
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In early versions of BusinessObjects, object names within individual user queries and reports had to match object names within the universe. For example, in the Test Fashion universe, there is a Mth object. Unless users look at the data, users are not sure whether this is the month name, a number, or a three-character abbreviation. As a universe designer, you can rename Mth to Month Number in the universe and all the user reports will automatically reflect this new object name. Often in renaming objects, a universe designer will make the mistake of cutting and pasting the original Mth object to a new object titled Month Number. This is a bad practice, as it creates a different object ID, an internal mechanism Designer uses to keep track of changes to objects. After testing the new Month Number object, the universe designer will then go back and delete the original Mth object. Once the original Mth object is deleted, all existing reports that previously used the Mth object will generate an error that the Mth object is missing. Users can still view the reports, but as soon as they attempt to refresh the report, they will receive this error. If the universe designer had modified the original Mth object, then the existing queries and reports would have automatically been updated with the new object name. To minimize report errors, take these precautions: Modify existing objects when you really wish to change the name or underlying SQL; avoid re-creating new objects to replace old ones. Always make a backup copy of a universe. One client I worked with deleted a number of objects accidentally. The designer thought he had fixed the problem by simply re-creating the objects with the exact same object names (which didn t work). A backup version of the universe allowed us to more quickly access and restore the original object IDs.
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// Pass a pointer to a function -- revised version. #include <iostream> using namespace std; void f(int *j); int main() { int i; f(&i); cout << i; return 0; } void f(int *j) { *j = 100; // var pointed to by j is assigned 100 }
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In December 1990, Motorola, filed an application with the FCC for the purposes of constructing, launching, and operating a low earth orbit, global mobile satellite system known as Iridium. This was the hot button that sparked the world into a frenzy. Iridium was a concept of launching a series of 66 satellites [ 1 ] around the world to provide global coverage for a mobile communications service operating in the 1.610 1.6265 GHz frequency bands. The concept was to use a portable or mobile transceiver with low profile antennas to reach a constellation of 66 satellites. Each of the satellites would be interconnected to one another through a radio communications system as they traversed the globe at 413 nautical miles above the earth in multiple polar orbits [ 2 ] . This would provide a continuous line of sight coverage area from any point on the globe to virtually any other point on the globe, using a spot beam from the radio communications services on-board each of the satellites. The use of this spot beam concept, which had been discussed for years in the satellite industry, allowed for high frequency reuse capacities that had not been achieved before. Iridium wanted to provide the services outlined in Table 25-2 . Motorola also suggested that an interconnection arrangement would be set up with all providers around the world through an arrangement with the local Post Telephone and Telegraph organizations (PTTs). The concept was sound, and the approach would have provided for the coverage that was lacking in the past to remote areas. In the table, the two columns are used as exclusive of each other. The services can be provided in any of the coverage areas regardless of which service is selected. Table 25-2: Services and coverage through the Iridium Network Type Of Service Voice Communications Data Communications Paging Radio Determination Services Each of the satellites was relatively small in terms of others that had been used. The electronics inside each were very sophisticated, and the use of gateway controllers on earth provided the command and control service for the administration of the overall network. With the Iridium network, cellular communications was expanded by providing coverage in areas where cell sites would not have been practical. This is summarized in Table 25-3 , which shows a feature comparison of the cellular concept versus the Iridium concept. Table 25-3: Summary of cell sites vs. Iridium Cells Cellular Networks Sites are fixed Users move from site to site Iridium Network Sites are the moving targets User stays put, sites move the user from Coverage Areas Air Land Water
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Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) Using E-LINE Service Type An Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) is created using an E-LINE service type. An EVPL can be used to create services similar to the Ethernet Private Line (EPL) with some notable exceptions. First, an EVPL allows for service multiplexing at the UNI. This capability allows more than one EVC to be supported at the UNI whereas the EPL does not allow this. Second, an EVPL need not provide full transparency of service frames as with an EPL. Because service multiplexing is permitted, some service frames may be sent to one EVC while other service frames may be sent to other EVCs. An EVPL is also shown in Figure 2.13.
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Math Note: Always be sure to check your work. You can differentiate the answer in the last example to recover the integrand, con rming that the integration has been performed correctly. EXAMPLE 7.9
blocks. 2. Using the CRC Handbook or another table of densities, find the densities for each of the four woods: oak, white pine, balsa, and cedar. Record these ranges. Decide which of the woods your sample might represent. Your answer should be based on both your calculated averaged density and your qualitative observations about the sample. For example, find out if any of the wood types emit a distinct odor or are known as a light-colored or darkcolored wood.
subclassA0 and also shaped by the subclassA0 shaper, but can be labeled classB or classC (e.g., echo request and response) and directed to the classB shaper or the fairness eligible shaper, respectively, as illustrated by the dotted lines in Figures 12.15 and 12.16. Shaping by the MAC control shaper is applied first and in addition to the other shapers. All shapers other than the downstream shaper are applied only to add traffic. All unreserved add and transit traffic flows through the downstream shaper. The function of the downstream shaper is to constrain the MAC to sustain the downstream allocated subclassA0 rate. Optionally, rate synchronization idle frames are added by the MAC and shaped by the idle shaper. RPR stations and networks can be implemented with either synchronous (e.g., SONET/SDH) or asynchronously-timed PHYs (e.g., Gigabit Ethernet). In a synchronous network, the transmit clock for each station is locked to a common timing source that may be recovered from the received data stream or provided through an external timing interface, and the transmit data rate from each station is exactly identical to the received data rate. However, in an asynchronous network, the transmit data rate at each station is determined by a local clock source, and the transmit data rate from
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In this chapter we have focused on the importance of practicing good timing and pacing ourselves. You don t have to do everything all at once, but you do need to do something. The trick is to establish a gentle flow of ideas that will keep you moving forward. By connecting with the natural flow of the universe and the cycles of nature, you are doing this very thing. And when you learn to pace yourself this way, you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by a flood of activities and thoughts that often create greater pressure and tension, because you re not moving forward and releasing that pent-up energy. Is it any wonder that we sometimes feel taut and stretched beyond our capacity For all of us, there s got to be a steady release in our lives a reliable way of letting the pressures and energies out. Pacing ourselves and our lives is about moving the energy out of us in a slow and steady flow. As author Julia Cameron says, Easy does it, because the truth is, easy does do it, and frantic, forced, and frenetic does not. I consider her words pearls of wisdom when it comes to practicing the art of good timing in our lives.
Conjunctions that express time:
over budget. This is Hard. To succeed, you need to both persuade your boss and problem-solve. Sometimes you go forward with Hard communications, even though you think your chances of success are slim, for legal reasons, or because you feel strongly about an issue. For example, suppose your insurance company refuses to settle on a property damage claim after a hurricane, citing the fact that you didn t have hurricane insurance. You feel that it s an issue of poor construction, not weather speci cally, you believe that if the building wall had been built properly, it wouldn t have fallen in the rain. You therefore decide to write a letter of protest to the president of the insurance company. They have precedent, policy, and the law on their side; your indignation, however, transcends mere law, and it makes you feel better to write a good, stiff letter of protest. EXERCISE 4: Put the Matrix of Persuasion to Work Use the matrix to evaluate the project that has you writing to Mr. Smith about your favorite boss. Which quadrant do you think the project is in Is Mr. Smith on your side or not on your side Is Mr. Smith constrained against doing what you support If you decided that you need to Persuade and Educate, that gives you important information. (About 80 percent of all written business communications are in the Persuade and Educate quadrant. Those goals to persuade and educate are common business activities.) As you continue developing the letter, doesn t it make sense that you re going to want to include several bene t statements Given that you ll need to prove each bene t s value to Mr. Smith s company, isn t it likely that the letter will be long rather than short, and that you may ask Mr. Smith to contact you for additional information Perhaps you consider the letter to Mr. Smith Easy. If Mr. Smith is predisposed to hire an excellent candidate in your view, your favorite boss and if there s a job available, you may be right. If you are, you may want to keep your letter short and factual. If your favorite boss is trying for a career change, perhaps this is a Problem-solving communication, and you should organize your message to demonstrate how your boss s experience translates into the new job s requirements.
Here is a simple example that illustrates boxing and unboxing:
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