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Identification o f primary keys is an important part o f entity type identification. Ideally, primary keys should be stable and single purpose. "Stable" means that a primary key should never change after it has been assigned to an entity. "Single purpose" means that a primary key attribute should have no purpose other than entity identification. Typically, g o o d choices for primary keys are integer values automatically generated by a D B M S . For example, A c c e s s has the AutoNumber data type for primary keys and Oracle has the Sequence object for primary keys. If the requirements indicate the primary key for an entity type, y o u should ensure that the proposed primary key is stable and single purpose. If the proposed primary key does not meet either criterion, y o u should probably reject it as a primary key. If the proposed primary key only meets one criterion, you should explore other attributes for the primary key. Sometimes, industry or organizational practices dictate the choice o f a primary key even if the choice is not ideal. Besides primary keys, y o u should also identify other unique attributes (candidate keys). For example, an employee's e-mail address is often unique. The integrity o f candidate keys may be important for searching and integration with external databases. Depending on the features o f the E R D drawing tool that you are using, you should note that an attribute is unique either in the attribute specification or in free-format documentation. Uniqueness constraints can be enforced after an E R D is converted to a table design.
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mask is an inverted subnet mask, with the 1s and 0s switched. Using a wildcard mask, you can be very specific about which interfaces belong to which areas. The last part of the command tells the router to which area these addresses on the router belong.
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x++; // postfix form
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all emitted photons travel in the same wave pattern, similar to the phenomenon that occurs when a stone is dropped into a pond, generating a series of waves traveling in a circular direction away from the location where the stone hit the water. Several types of lasers have evolved since their discovery during the 1960s; the major difference is the energized substance that increases the intensity of light that passes through the device. That energized substance, illustrated in Figure 4.8, is referred to as an amplifying medium. That medium can be a solid, a liquid, or a gas. AMPLIFYING MEDIUM In the world of communications the amplifying medium is almost always a thin layer of semiconductor material sandwiched between other semiconductor layers. The resulting laser is referred to as a laser diode, and the amount by which the intensity of light is increased is referred to as the gain resulting from the amplifying medium. That gain depends on several factors, including the wavelength of incoming light, the length of the amplifying medium, and the degree to which the amplifying medium was energized. Thus, the gain can be considered to be variable. Because light amplification is an essential function of a laser let s focus on this process. , LIGHT AMPLIFICATION As noted earlier in this chapter the outer , orbit of an atom contains electrons that can be easily raised to a higher energy state. Let s assume that a photon of light is absorbed by an atom in which a hole in the n-type semiconductor material is initially in a low energy state denoted by a 0. In comparison, we can raise the energy of an electron in the p-type semiconductor material to a higher energy state, which we can denote as 1. The electron will remain in this excited state for a very short period of time and then return to the lower state of 0 as it emits a photon of light.
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T -x k - 1 x - Tj (m ) (m ) (m ) ( x ) + j +k N j ,k ( x ) = N N j +1,k -1 ( x ) . k - m - 1 Tj + k -1 - Tj j ,k -1 Tj + k - Tj +1
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Many people understand how IOS routers deal with ACLs and apply this knowledge to the appliances, expecting them to behave the same way as the routers; however, this is not correct. I ll deal with two issues concerning ICMP in this chapter: ICMP traffic passing through the appliance and ICMP traffic directed at the appliance.
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Success criteria How will you know when you have achieved success
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
Here is a program that demonstrates these three functions:
9.2.14 Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Logical and Physical Components
Interface Type
Constructing A. Constructing B. Constructing C.
// Parts of the for can be empty. using System; class Empty { static void Main() { int i; for(i = 0; i < 10; ) { Console.WriteLine("Pass #" + i); i++; // increment loop control var } } }
Designing and Building a Security System
cities (or within large cities) and also to offer Layer 3 services from Ethernet concentration nodes that aren t connected directly to a local Layer 3 service PE.
Web site: www.oeva.org Contact: Rick Barnes <barnes.rick@verizon.net> Mailing: 19100 SW Vista Street, Aloha, OR 97006 Meetings: 7:30 pm, 2nd Thursday of the month
11.14. The CD includes a multimedia demonstration of using the show version command on a Cisco router.
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