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9. After selecting the Certificate Template, Certification Authority, and Cryptographic Service Provider select the Administrator Signing Certificate by clicking Select Certificate. A dialog box appears showing a list of certificates that can be used. Choose only one certificate from the list (if more than one certificate is displayed), and then click OK. Optionally, you can view the certificate by clicking View Certificate. Clicking Cancel results in no certificate being selected.
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Configuring Secure Desktop Settings and Browser Screens The Secure Desktop Settings screen allows you to limit the interaction the user has with the desktop, like the applications that can be used and the disk drives that can be accessed. The Secure Desktop Browser screen allows you to define bookmarks that appear in the user s web browser. Here is a description of the Secure Desktop Settings you can configure: Restrict application usage to the web browser only Checking this lets only the originating browser of the session and any browser helpers that you specify run within the Secure Desktop. Enabling this option limits the user s ability to use other applications, but increases security. You can add additional programs once you select this option by adding them to a text list. Disable access to network drives and network folders Checking this prevents a user from accessing network resources and network drives while running the Secure Desktop. Do not encrypt files on network drives Checking this lets the user save files to network drives. Secure Session does not encrypt the files and leaves the files behind after the session ends. If you uncheck Disable access to network drives and network folders and this attribute, Secure Desktop encrypts the files the user saves to network drives, and then removes them upon Secure Session termination. Disable access to removable drives and removable folders Checking this option prevents the user from accessing portable drives, like flash drives and CDs/ DVDs while running Secure Desktop. (This option only applies to the drives that Microsoft labels Removable in Windows Explorer.) Do not encrypt files on removable drives Checking this option lets the user save files to removable drives: the Secure Desktop does not encrypt the files and leaves the files after the session ends. Disable registry modification Checking this option prevents the user from modifying the registry from within the Secure Desktop (recommended to enable this). Disable command prompt access Checking this option prevents the user from running the DOS command prompt from within the Secure Desktop (recommended to enable this).
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Active cracking/plastic shrinkage (Shallow or full depth)
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Designing and Building the Smart Home LAN
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The properties which may be used in a :first-letter rule are font-variant background margin-top font-style float margin-right font-weight clear margin-bottom font-size vertical-align margin-left (if float is
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authentication key, which can be up to 16 characters in length. Each key can have a separate lifetime value, allowing different keys to be used at different times; however, if you use this approach, it s recommended that you use the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to synchronize the date and time on your routers. The accept-lifetime command specifies when you ll accept the key value, and the send-lifetime command specifies when you ll use this key to create authenticated EIGRP routing updates. If you don t specify either set of time values, the default to the current time are valid indefinitely. To enable authentication, you set up your EIGRP configuration on an interface:
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Independent Management Architecture
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cin >> gallons; // this inputs from the user
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Fire the event.
Figure 3.14 A practical telephone switch usually uses a combination of time and physical space switching to accomplish the connection of up to 100,000 customers.
new allocates dynamic memory. delete frees previously allocated dynamic memory.
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Exploring the C# Library
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