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ATM switches Very fast interconnects that are used anywhere from the workgroup to the backbone, based on size and features.
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combination of any amplifier. In fact, common-emitter amplifier configurations are capable of increasing not only voltage and current, but will also make excellent power amplifiers, and have a medium-frequency response. The bias circuit displayed in the figure is only one of the many ways to bias commonemitter amplifiers (see Sec. 3.3, Amplifier biasing ). The common-emitter amplifier functions as follows: When a signal is placed at the base of the active device (the transistor), an amplified output is extracted from the collector output circuit. The output voltage will have been shifted by 180 degrees in phase compared to the signal present at the amplifier s own input. This is due to the following action. As the signal at the transistor s base turns more positive, an increased current will flow through the transistor. This decreases the transistor s resistance, and thus the voltage that is dropped across its collector-emitter junction, or from the collector to ground. Because the output signal is taken from the voltage that is dropped across the transistor s collector and the load resistor (RC) is now dropping the voltage that was formerly available to the collector a shift in the phase at the amplifier s output is created that is precisely the reverse to that of the input signal. At RF, a large difficulty in CE amplifiers is an effect called positive feedback, which creates amplifier instability and oscillations due to the internal feedback capacitance between the transistor s collector and its base. The collectorto-base capacitance can be as high as 25 pF, or more, in certain types of bipolar transistors. At a certain frequency, this capacitance will send an in-phase signal back into the base input from the collector s output, which will create, for all intents and purposes, an oscillator. To give birth to these oscillations, however, something has to produce a shift in phase, since the CE amplifier already possesses a phase shift from its input to its output of 180 degrees, which would only cause a decrease in the input signal strength (or degeneration) if fed back to the BJT s input port. In fact, the internal capacitance and resistance of the transistor, along with other phase delays, can yield a powerful phase shift to
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Let us calculate the length of the graph of the function f (x) = (1/2) (ex + e x ) over the interval [1, ln 8].
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Universe Storage During Development
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and multiplying Equation B-3 by 1/|V |, |V | 1 _____ |V | _________ |V | 1 _____ |V |
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Data Modeling
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Like writers, game designers tend to be generalists: they do a little of everything and there s seldom a need for them to concentrate on one task exclusively. However, there are two areas that do require additional knowledge: User interface design No matter how fascinating the game concept, spectacular the artwork, or evocative the audio, if the user interface is badly designed, the game will flop. User interface designers create the conduit between the player and the game world; they allow the player to project his will into it. In order to do this, they have to establish a relationship between a set of buttons and analog controls, and a fictional person, vehicle, city, or whatever in the game world. This must be smooth and natural to use, so that after a while the player forgets that he s using a game machine at all, and feels truly immersed in the world. AI design Designing artificial intelligence isn t programming, but it comes as close as any area of game design ever does. An AI designer works closely with an AI programmer to specify how people or creatures will behave in a
Figure 3-9
Sadly, fewer than one percent of DVDs use the multi-rating feature. Most of the ones that do, ironically, use it to include unrated scenes rather than provide a more family-friendly version. Hollywood studios are not convinced that the demand merits the extra work involved, which may include shooting extra footage, recording extra audio, editing new sequences, creating seamless branch points, synchronizing the soundtrack across jumps, submitting new versions for MPAA rating, dealing with players that do not implement parental branching properly, having video store chains refuse to carry discs with unrated content, and much more. The few discs that have multirated content do not have standard package labeling or other ways to be easily identified. Another option is to use a software player or a specialized DVD player that can read a playlist or a use a filter telling it where to skip scenes or mute the audio.3 Playlists can be used to retrofit thousands of DVD movies that have been produced without parental control features. Blu-ray implements parental control in a more simple and flexible way. The player has a parental level that can be set using a password protected onscreen menu but, otherwise, the player does not check the disc or control playback. Commands on the disc can check the parental level of the player and respond accordingly stop playback, choose different paths through a movie, substitute a different audio track, play alternative versions, and so forth.
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CHAPTER 9 Software as a Service CHAPTER 10 Software plus Services CHAPTER 11 Developing Applications CHAPTER 12 Local Clouds and Thin Clients CHAPTER 13 Migrating to the Cloud CHAPTER 14 Best Practices and the Future of Cloud Computing
Table 8-2. Password Manager on Windows Server 2003 Sync Point Comparison
Method int Peek( ) int Read( )
The statute required that a copy of the completed form be forwarded to the Bureau of Controlled Substances, Licensing and Evaluation (BCSLE), New York State Department of Health in Albany. Albany received about 100,000 Schedule II prescription forms each month. There the government agency recorded the information on magnetic tapes for eventual processing by computer. Based on his study
As described in Table 13-2, Jami is the Finance Director. As the director of the group, she will decide who is a member of the Finance group. Adding users to the Finance group is the simplest way to ensure that all users in Finance will have access to necessary content. This content may include access to documents in the \Finance folder (which Jami also controls as described in Table 13-4), to relevant universes, or to folders owned by other departments. To allow Jami to add users to this group, you will grant the user Jami the access level of Full Control to the group Finance (different from the folder Finance). 1. From the Home page of the CMC, select Groups. 2. From the list of Available Groups, click the name of group for whom you wish to designate a supervisor, and then select the Rights tab. 3. By default, you will see the Groups Administrators and Everyone. Click Add/Remove. 4. From the Select Operation drop-down, choose Add Users.
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