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Part II:
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// Demonstrate escape sequences in strings. using System; class StrDemo { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Line One\nLine Two\nLine Three"); Console.WriteLine("One\tTwo\tThree"); Console.WriteLine("Four\tFive\tSix"); // Embed quotes. Console.WriteLine("\"Why \", he asked."); } }
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Communication: Slow your rate of speech. Although you have a lot to say and a great deal of energy, your fast rate of speech can make it difficult for others to listen to everything you say. To be
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To induce or augment labor To assess for meconium in the amniotic fluid To place an IUPC or FSE Because of the risk of umbilical cord prolapse, compression by the presenting fetal part, and subsequent fetal hypoxia Braxton Hicks contractions (prodromal or false labor)
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Figure 13-1. Shadow key propagation
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Ungrounded Grounded Grounding
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IVR enables customers to manipulate information in a computer database, such as retrieving an account balance and transferring funds from one account to another. These applications range from AudioText and pay-per-call information systems that deliver a single audio message or a selection of messages to transaction-based systems that enable callers to access accounts and update information on a LAN-based or host-based database. AudioText entertainment lines are popular applications in computer telephony markets. IVR systems are primarily based on the same type of technology as the auto attendant and voice mail. Using a single digital-processing card, the capability now enables users to arrange for pre-scripted capabilities that will actually walk a caller through a menu. The IVR will play digitally stored messages and solicit a response from the caller at each step, usually in the form of a touch-tone from a telephone set. The response from that tone will then cause the next step of the message to be played in accordance with the script. This is useful when a user is trying to access information from a host-based system, for example, and a played-back message will enable the user to retrieve any form of information. IVR has been used by several medical providers and insurance providers, enabling a caller to dial in and access information regarding a payment or the processing of claims by merely using a touch-tone telephone. When dialing into the IVR, the user is prompted each step of the way by the system. As the user enters an ID number, a query is sent to a database in a host-computing platform. The appropriate information is then retrieved and played back. Using this CTI application saves an immense amount of time for an organization, because this normally labor-intensive activity can now be achieved through technology.
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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The Artistic Media Tool treats a path as though it s a skeleton to which you can apply a very wide variety of skins. There are five different types of Artistic Media brushes, and a number of variations in every category. It helps to get your mind around a paint brush metaphor; by click-dragging stokes, you get anything from complex filigree strokes to elegant calligraphic handwriting. The underlying path to Artistic Media strokes can be changed at any time, resulting in new artwork and you can see the dynamic Artistic Media Tool changes which provide fast and visually exciting feedback. You can draw while an Artistic Media effect is enabled and you can also apply these painterly strokes to existing lines. The Artistic Media Tool, shown to the left, is located in the Toolbox with other line-drawing tools. With the Artistic Media Tool selected, the Property Bar offers five different line-drawing modes to choose from (shown next), each of which has its own unique options. You have additional options on the Property Bar, directly to the right of your choice of Artistic Media, and the options will change depending on the media type you choose.
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on. The Autofilter command can be set to show only those rows that contain a certain content. For our formula we will simply set the Autofilter to do the following: Show the row if column A shows the letter y. Hide the row if column A shows the letter n. Thus the task of the formula we want to write is that it should return a y if the row contains numbers other than zeros. Likewise, it should return an n if the row contains only zeros. (The Autofilter command will work on these letters whether they are in uppercase or lowercase.) Let s assume that row 6 is the row that we want to test. The columns we want to test are C to H. So let s start by just writing the simplest possible formula. You will see that we will go through several versions of the basic formula, depending on how smart we want the test to be: IF(SUM(C6:H6), y , n ) The SUM can work, but we run the risk of having a row that has positive numbers and negative numbers the sum of which net to exactly zero (a row for deferred tax buildups and reversals nets out to zero), in which case the formula will return an n when it should be a y. Let s use the MAX function: IF(MAX(C6:H6)<>0, y , n ) This is an interesting formula because it will work if the numbers on the line are positive or negative or both. However, it will not work if the line has negative numbers and zeros. It returns a zero in that case. There may be some lines that will have only very small numbers. The plug lines in particular may show numbers that appear to be zeroes but contain a very small number like 0.00003. They are not zeros because in the balancing iterations Excel will stop once the maximum change number set in Tools > Options > Calculation is reached. If you do not want these near-zero lines to appear, then the formula becomes more complicated, because we would need to
True Story: Jim Smentowski and Nightmare
Variables declared as static variables are permanent variables within their own function or file. They differ from global variables in that they are not known outside their function or file but they maintain their values between calls. This feature makes
1. In a new document create a 5"-wide square. With the Rectangle tool, hold CTRL
Optical fiber. Optical fiber is the most popular high-capacity medium for network operators (PTTs, telcos, and common carriers) where existing routes (or way leaves) exist. The enormous potential bandwidth of optical fiber is gradually being exploited and is responsible for the much lower cost of long-distance and international telecommunications. In the mid 1990s, high-capacity optical fiber systems operate at 2.5 Gbps using the synchronous hierarchy, equivalent to over 30,000 telephone channels per fiber. Some international undersea systems have twice this capacity, operating at 5 Gbps. The next stage of capacity expansion will exploit Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM), wherein several gigabit lightwave carriers are transmitted down a single fiber at slightly different wavelengths, or optical frequencies. The high bandwidth of lightwave systems and the very low attenuation per kilometer of optical fiber (requiring a regenerator or optical amplifier only every 50 100 km), have completely obsoleted the earlier coaxial cable transmission systems that were installed in the late 1970s. Satellite. Satellite systems fall into two broad categories. The first includes large international systems that use Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), which is digital, and Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), which is analog. The second includes the smaller multichannel systems found in private telecom networks that use either TDMA or Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC), which can be analog or digital. Microwave radio. Microwave radio and satellite systems often are preferred for lower-capacity routes, difficult terrain, and for private and military communications networks where radio s advantages of flexibility, security, and speed of installation are particularly valuable. In the increasingly deregulated telecommunications market, short-range microwave radio provides a convenient way of giving access to customers and bypassing the hard-wired local loop.
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The following sections will discuss how SIP connections are established between the VoIP clients (phones) and the VoIP gateway, along with the application layer inspection features of the appliances.
Hyperprolactinemia from a pituitary tumor, idiopathic, or due to medications (e.g., dopamine antagonists) Postmenopausal state or ovarian failure Hypothalamic disorder or pituitary dysfunction Key: In general, if the gonadotropins are high, the problem is at the level of the ovary. If the gonadotropins are low, the problem is in the hypothalamus or pituitary
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Figure 12-3. Setting up an RSH connection
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