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Whenever a port first appears, the bridge waits a certain amount of time, transmitting Spanning Tree Protocol packets, before it forwards traffic to or from that port. This prevents temporary loops in case the port is connected to another bridge and should be blocked. Other timers are invoked in certain situations to block ports for a short period of time to make it impossible to have even a temporary forwarding loop.
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B zier curves (pronounced bezz-ee-aye) were named after French engineer Pierre B zier, who published papers on their use after seeing the need for a mathematical description of very smooth and easy-to-manipulate curves for the design of automobile bodies. A B zier curve is a parametric curve, which means it approximates a curve through 2D space. The curve uses a convex control hull that can be described by two points on a curve and two points off the curve (called control handles in CorelDRAW) for intuitively reshaping the curve. The B zier Tool, by its nature, creates smooth connections between path segments through the action of click-dragging to set a path point. At the same time, it s defining the slope of the curve segment that is created behind the newly created point; when control points are on a curve, they are called nodes in CorelDRAW. You can also create straight path segments between curves using the B zier Tool; it s a matter of technique. Click-dragging creates smooth curves that have smooth connections between segments, while the act of clicking without dragging sets a path point that is not smooth if you click again in a different location, a straight path segment is the result. Because the B zier Tool can produce both curved and straight path segments, there is almost no distinction between the terms line and curve in the discussions in this chapter. The shapes of B zier lines are controlled in part by node properties and the position of curve handles. Two paths can have nodes in the same relative page position, but they may have completely different shapes (as shown in Figure 10-7).
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Smart Card Removal Options
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Design Criteria
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To see information about the interfaces on which EIGRP is enabled, use the following command:
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Project planning Asset preparation Multiplex Programming
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The typical mast-top anchor light consumes 12 watts. Over a 12-hour period, it will drain 12 Ah from the battery. If you leave the boat unattended and leave the anchor light on (as you must legally), it will draw down the battery at 24 Ah per day! This circuit saves battery power by automatically switching on at sunset and off at sunrise. At sunset, the resistance of the cadmium sul de photoresistor increases, increasing the voltage to the NPN transistor, Q. The transistor provides the current to close the coil of the relay and feed 12 VDC to the anchor light. The red LED indicates when the anchor light is on. A single-pole, three-position rotary switch allows selection between automatic, manual, and off modes. Note that the cadmium sul de photoresistor must be placed so that it is not illuminated by the anchor light. Otherwise it will interpret the anchor light as sunlight and cause the light to turn on and off rapidly.
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Checks the universe to determine if any tables create a loop that an alias could resolve.
Digital Telecommunications Basics Digital Telecommunications Basics 43
Related Functions
void swap(int& x, int& y);
public XYCoord(int x) : this(x, x) { }
int* ip; int num = 10; ip = #
The programs shown in this book are available from Osborne s Web site: www.osborne.com. However, if you want to enter the programs by hand, you are free to do so. Typing in the programs yourself often helps you remember the key concepts. If you choose to enter a program by hand, you must use a text
Economic Comparison of the Different Carrier Ethernet Solutions Total Cost of Ownership Relatively low. Supports other services as well. Speed to market a plus. Relatively low and carries other (video/broadcast) services as well. Relatively low but requires expensive ber infrastructure. OPEX high due to relatively limited management capabilities. Relatively high. Also requires expensive ber infrastructure but transports other services as well. Relatively attractive, but when ber is the only alternative. Speed to market is a plus. Relatively high, but supports other services as well. OPEX mitigated. Relatively high cost per user, but also supports other services. Relatively high, but with attendant bene ts for mission-critical applications deployed over ber rings. Relatively attractive. OPEX fairly high due to complexity. Relatively high in the access, but relatively attractive in core. Higher OPEX. Relatively high primarily due to infancy. High OPEX due to newness of technology. Speed to market de nite plus.
string ToLower( CultureInfo.CurrentCulture culture) string ToUpper( CultureInfo.CurrentCulture culture)
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FIGURE 1.36c
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