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Base line estimate
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5. Observing and Inferring Use your knowledge of reactivity from 10 to infer
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Indexers and Properties
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Why Job Content Drives Sales Compensation Design
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As the mesh of the partition becomes finer and finer, this (Riemann) sum will tend to the integral
Inside the Fun Factory
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A VLAN is a group of devices in the same broadcast domain (subnet). To move among VLANs, you need a router. Static VLAN assignment to devices is also called port-based VLANs. An access-link is a connection to a device that processes normal frames. Trunk connections modify frames to carry VLAN information. Ethernet trunking methods include ISL and 802.1Q. The 802.1Q method inserts a 4-byte field and recomputes the FCS for Ethernet frames; the 2960 switches support only 802.1Q. VTP is a Cisco-proprietary protocol that transmits VLAN information across trunk ports. Switches must be in the same domain to share messages. There are three modes for VTP: client, server, and transparent. Server and transparent switches can add, change, and delete VLANs, but server switches advertise these changes. Clients can accept updates only from server switches. There are three VTP messages: advertisement request, subset advertisement, and summary advertisement. Servers generate summary advertisements every 5 minutes on trunk connections. The configuration revision number is used to determine which server switch has the most current VLAN information. VTP pruning is used to prune off VLANs that are not active between two switches, but it requires switches to be in server and/or client mode. On the 2960, use the vtp domain command and vtp server|client| transparent commands to configure VTP. The default mode is server. To configure a VTP password, use the vtp password command. DTP is a Cisco-proprietary trunking protocol. There are five modes: on (or trunk), off, desirable, auto, and no-negotiate. On and desirable actively generate DTP messages. auto is the default. Use no-negotiate for non-Cisco switch connections. On the 2960, use the switchport mode command to set trunking and the show interfaces switchport|trunk command to verify it. By default, all interfaces are in VLAN 1. On the 2960, use the vlan command at Global Configuration mode command to create VLANs. Use the switchport mode access and switchport access vlan commands to associate an interface with a VLAN. The show vlan command displays your VLAN configuration.
Automatic vs. Manual Transmission
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trust the developer, and the prolonged goal conversation may be a way to assess the developer. Further, because Sixes are prone to self-doubt and often second-guess themselves, they may agree to certain goals but revisit and revise these multiple times during the first few coaching meetings. The following questions can help Six learners gain greater clarity about their coaching goals:
5.8.3 Extreme Conditions (see Tables 5.6a and 5.8)
C++ from the Ground Up
FloodStop System II automatic shutoff unit (Photo courtesy Smarthome.com)
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