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If a user entered calc (note the missing file extension) in the Run dialog box, it would be run in the context of the Hot Desktop Shared Account, not the Hot Desktop User account. Specify the executable name without the file extension to allow ShellExecute to launch the application as the Hot Desktop User account. For example, the following two entries would be required for the calc.exe application to run as the Hot Desktop User account:
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Cornerstones of Human Potential: Focus, Service, and Gratitude
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Another low-cost, but higher-performance, regulator, is the series-pass transistor regulator of Fig. 8.46. If the voltage across the load attempts to increase for any reason, the regulator s output voltage will stay nearly steady. This is due to the following action: The voltage across the load RL must equal the voltage drop across the zener minus the voltage drop across the E-B junction of the series-pass transistor Q1. The transistor s base voltage is set by the zener and, since the voltage dropped across the zener cannot change, then any rise in the regulator s output voltage will force Q1 s emitter to be that much more positive than the base, which is the equivalent of making the base less positive. This ends in a smaller base-to-emitter voltage, resulting in less emitter current through the transistor, and thus an increased voltage drop across Q1. Any attempted rise in voltage across the load RL is substantially lowered in value, and a steady output voltage is maintained for undemanding applications. Figure 8.47 shows a series-pass regulator with feedback, which maintains a far more consistent and steady output voltage than the two regulators discussed above. This circuit contains R1, R2, and R3, which monitor the output voltage as a voltage divider network. And since these resistors do form a voltage divider, we can also set the required output voltage to a wide range of values by simply moving the wiper of the adjustable R2 all the way from a little above the zener s VZ to just under the unregulated supply voltage. For instance, if we wish to increase the output voltage, we can move the potentiometer s wiper downward, and the voltage on Q2 s base decreases, lowering
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<family-name> The name of a specific font (e.g., Times, Helvetica, or Arial). Font names which contain whitespace should be quoted, using either single- or double-quotation marks. If the font name is not quoted, then any sequence of whitespace characters within the font name will be converted to a single space, and
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The following statement assigns a value to jagged[0][1,0]: generate qr code
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Notice how the desired data type is passed inside the angle brackets. By changing the type of data specified when stack objects are created, you can change the type of data stored in that stack. For example, you could create another stack that stores character pointers by using this declaration:
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What are the contraindications to the use of DMPA
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layers. The primary layer is made of aluminum and is 1.0 mm thick. If the diameter of an aluminum atom is 2.5 angstroms, how many aluminum atoms thick is the primary layer
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540 0.050 0.045 0.040 Thousandths inches 0.035 0.030 0.025 0.020 0.015 0.010 0.005 7000
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Clearing an Envelope Shape
Object acceleration marker Link
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Purpose of This Book
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Daily Cycles
Designer includes a wizard for building basic universes. Although you probably will not be able to use a universe created with the wizard as is, it is a useful tool for creating a universe quickly and becoming more familiar with universe components. In the following example, you will create a new universe based on the MS Access database Efashion.MDB that Business Objects provides as a sample. 1. To invoke the Quick Design Wizard, start Designer and choose File | New or click Quick Design Wizard.
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Frame Relay Access
A. scattered. B. absorbed. C. radioactive. D. A and B E. B and C
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is permissible because a base class reference, x2 in this case, can refer to a derived class object (which is the object referred to by y). It is important to understand that it is the type of the reference variable not the type of the object that it refers to that determines what members can be accessed. That is, when a reference to a derived class object is assigned to a base class reference variable, you will have access only to those parts of the object defined by the base class. This is why x2 can t access b even when it refers to a Y object. This makes sense because the base class has no knowledge of what a derived class adds to it. This is why the last line of code in the program is commented out. Although the preceding discussion may seem a bit esoteric, it has some important practical applications. One is described here. The other is discussed later in this chapter, when virtual methods are covered. An important place where derived class references are assigned to base class variables is when constructors are called in a class hierarchy. As you know, it is common for a class to define a constructor that takes an object of its class as a parameter. This allows the class to construct a copy of an object. Classes derived from such a class can take advantage of this feature. For example, consider the following versions of TwoDShape and Triangle. Both add constructors that take an object as a parameter.
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